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Some serious questions

Where are we?

I know that I am in Dale City. And Dale City is in Prince William County. And Prince William County is in Virginia. Which is in the USA. Which is on the North American Continent. Which is in the Northern Hemisphere. And the western depending on how you draw it. And the hemispheres are on Earth which is in the Solar System, 3rd planet from the Sun. Which is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Which is part of the Universe.

But where is the universe? The universe is by definition everything. But science says the universe is expanding. Where too? If the universe is expanding, that means it must expand into something. Its impossible to expand into nothingness. What is the universe a part of?

If the universe is nothing but another organelle of a yet larger, and unidentified system, how important is one girl in Dale City, Virginia to the future of everything.

Ah yes, but the future. What is that? Is that now? Or how about now? That was the near future. But actually it was the Present. And now the near past. Soon it will pass into the distant past. When did time begin? I know when we started recording it. I know that we’re two thousand and four years into the current era. But when did time begin? Is time actually a cycle. The universe condenses into a ball of matter the size of a pin head, explodes and expands, and then it condenses again. Where is the center of the universe, where is there such a place where the pull of gravity is so intense, that all matter is pulled into a small ball. Once again, where does the universe expand to? Why is it drifting?

In all the millions of years since the current expansion of the universe started stars have shone, planets formed, satellites formed around the planets, life has formed, life has died, planets have died, stars have died. Is earth the only planet that can support life? No. Pure statistics does not support it. Its incredibly arrogant to refuse to believe in other life forms. There is no way that there is only one small planet in the entire universe. What if on some other planet nature has adopted another path of evolution. What if nature has formed species with a diamond shape for the legs of the being, instead of the rectangle that Earth has adopted. What if there are intelligent trees. A species that is strikingly similar to humans, just different. What if?

Where does the universe expand into? When did time start? What effect does one girl Dale City, VA have to do with the future of the everything? What if?


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One girl in Dale City, VA can have as much to do with the future of everything as she desires and achieves. ;-)


Wow... Back away from the high caffiene beverage... :-)


I would seriously consider eliminating processed sugar form your diet :)


A girl in Dale City has the power to change the world as much as a lawyer in say...Hope, Arkansas or a lonely waitress in Ada, Oklahoma.

And, don't you know? The universe begins within you.


Well all I can say is that your post is in the past now :-)

Is Virginia the same as West Virginia? (I have been re-reading 1632 by Eric Flint)


Out of all those questions, the only answer that is fairly certain is that for all of that, there is only one you.

As far as we know...


Guru, West Virginia was carved out of Virginia territory way back when. It's a separate state. We tend to do that: North and South Carolina, North and South Dakota, plus we have a Washington state on the west coast and the capitol Washington D.C. on the east coast.


Mookie, I think you should ask Daniel that question.


You know my answer. I'm not going to it post here (mainly because i'm too tired to remember what i wrote).