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Weird Google/Yahoo! Searches

Somehow, these are a couple of the "Odder" searches that have had Mookie Rifficc in the results (and yes I know that I linked myself. =P).

1) "Sex Doll Lynchburg VA"

2) "Fucking node girls" (What bothers me more then the fact that my site was some how accessed from that search, was that the person couldn't spell nude right)

3) "giant block of cheese andrew jackson" (Okay so this one does make sense because of my Block Of Cheese post)

4) "what clinical cream is best for my the black spot under mu eye"

5) "bandage wannabe"

6) And then there is this URL "http://porno-news.daehaktopia.co.kr/samback/index.html" according to the CPannel Tracker, I owe it for 124 hits. So at this moment I want to know why I'm linked (or someone comes to my site from a porn site) by a porn site.

Now for some search quires (sorry no links available, you can google it yourself)
1) why dog humps leg

2) female hands strangling

3) kelly siegler bondage

4) dale city castration

5) silhouette t-shirt as seen on gilmore girls

6) cholesterol brocher food

7) talking to teen boys who still gets smacked by their mother or dad

8) name email url post comment blog penis enlargement -spam -blacklist

9) queen mookie

I am very disturbed now. And to think I tried to keep this g-rated. I really need to censor my content more. Heh. The only search that I liked was the "Queen Mookie".


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You look funny without nuts. Did you get that link I sent you? Of course, you probably knew all that stuff. ;)


You know, some of those "node girls" are kinda cute.