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Block of Cheese

So here I was doing a stupid worksheet in Government for Presidents day. The worksheet was simple, match a President with a really weird clue. One of the clues was "Had an Ignorgal party and trashed the White House". Well of course no one figured it out. So one of the other kids started bugging the teacher about it, and and she gave more clues about. One of which was "Had A Giant Block Of Cheese".

Boy Howdy, that got my brain working enough that I shouted really loud "ANDREW JACKSON" and promptly sunk in my seat and sat on the floor. The teacher was rightly wierded out that that was the clue that clicked and asked me how I knew that. I mumbled "West Wing" and at this point everyone was still staring at me. I must have been beet red at this point. And I had to explain all about Leo's "Crack Pot Days".

*Sighs* And people say I don't watch enough TV. They should tell me that I don't watch enough good TV.


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Mmm, cheese!




Never could spell could you?


hehe, I too tripped on the word 'ignorgal' ...