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Red Markers

My math teacher is careless when he chooses his markers. At school we have dry erase boards instead of chalk boards now, so the teachers are taking full advantage of their new freedom in colors.

I Hate Red Markers.

Mainly because they hurt my eyes. And after I mention it to each teacher, they stop using them. Except for Mr. J. my math teacher. So I solved the problem myself.

One morning, about 3 weeks ago I snuck into my math class really early and took all the red and orange markers. I then took a roll of scotch tape and taped them into a bundle. I placed the bunndle on Mr. J's desk and signed it as "Rachael".

The bunndle sat on the desk for 2 weeks. And then Mr. J. got a new pack of markers. And he used the red. Needless to say the next day the bunndle grew by 3. He still hasn't moved the bunndle. Tomorow he's due for another pack of markers. Joy.


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