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Why I shouldn't be in the Military

I went to a Mil-Ball on saturday. And one of the student comanders tried ot make a toast. No one had drinks. So he had everyone go rush to the punch bowl to get drinks and he was rushing everyone along. He was saying stuff like "Come on, you only need a little, share with a neighbor if you have too, hurry up, hurry up."

I wasn't taking it very well. And me being me I didn't think. I looked at the guy and said, quote "Dude, hold your horses, its not a big deal" unquote.

My friend got in trouble because of me.

That wasn't my finnest hour, but at least I wasn't like my mom. She told an officer to "F*** off".


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"Dude, hold your horses?" Oh, I can just see that... ROFLMAO


Mookie - I love that - what a great quote "Dude, hold your horses" - hahahaha. Good for you :-)


"but at least I wasn't like my mom. She told an officer to "F*** off".

Mookie, you gotta tell us that story!


This is exactly the reason the GM1 won't take me to any of his ship's social functions.... one officer or another will go home with my foot wedged up his arse.
I have no editor between brain and mouth.


Victor, you gotta bug dad for that story, he knows it better then me.