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Bad Freshie. I hate you.

It takes real talent for a freshie to blow the motor on a circular saw.

On stage crew we have two circular saw, and one had a dull blade that I hadn't gotten around to changing yet. So we were I was using the older one that didn't have a safety lock on it. Well this Freshie decided to ignore what I said about not using the dull one and did. He managed to cut about 3" into the plywood before the blade stopped moving. He just kept holding down the button. And he blew the motor.

I'm fine(ish) with the fact that he blew the motor, I can understand that mistakes happen. But what really ticks me off is that he disobeyed me when I said they were not to use the circular saws, and that the idiot didn't even have goggles on. That Freshie isn't going to be using power tools again.


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The freshie is lucky the saw didn't bind on him and kick back...
And now please tell me the safety lock you are refering to is only the button under the trigger you have to push before the trigger to start the saw... If its the guard around the blade that isn't there, you really have to get rid of that saw before someone gets mangled... The trigger interlock is not actually required on saws, and on many industrial units doesn't exist... The homeowner, and light commercial saws almost all have them, as does every single cordless circ saw...


I meant the button


Let him get that first splinter or bit of carbide in his eyeball, he'll learn to wear the bloody goggles.
/experience talking>