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February 26, 2004

Block of Cheese

So here I was doing a stupid worksheet in Government for Presidents day. The worksheet was simple, match a President with a really weird clue. One of the clues was "Had an Ignorgal party and trashed the White House". Well of course no one figured it out. So one of the other kids started bugging the teacher about it, and and she gave more clues about. One of which was "Had A Giant Block Of Cheese".

Boy Howdy, that got my brain working enough that I shouted really loud "ANDREW JACKSON" and promptly sunk in my seat and sat on the floor. The teacher was rightly wierded out that that was the clue that clicked and asked me how I knew that. I mumbled "West Wing" and at this point everyone was still staring at me. I must have been beet red at this point. And I had to explain all about Leo's "Crack Pot Days".

*Sighs* And people say I don't watch enough TV. They should tell me that I don't watch enough good TV.

The Principal is a Cross Dresser

Ain't it great? I'm serious too, the principal is a cross dresser. He admited it. So heres the story as I remember it.

When he was in college he was, to put it plainly, an idiot. And he joined a frat house that had themed parties ever other week or so. You know, things like Toga, or Costume. His frat had a party called "Opposite Gender" and his date wore a tux, so he wore a wedding gown. He even had make up, and had pictures taken (their funny).
He said it was only the once, but one must wonder...

February 19, 2004

I can anotate in my sleep

*Yawn* I don't think I've ever been this tired before, and I don't think its going to get much better. Besides the fact that my legs hurt like (pardon my language) hell from the leg press in the weight room, I've been staying after school to record blocking everyday and then I come home to do 3-4 hours of homework.

And my teachers (for the most part) suck. They all asigned projects at the same time. Oh yeah, remind me to post my paper on Arsenic. Its rather fun-almost got me sent to a shrink. Hehe.

So I feel bad about the lack of quality on this site. I've been looking for a guest blogger, but of my friends, either I refuse to let them blog, or they just don't DO anything. So I'm taking applications, per se.

So this was my random post of the day. Heres a list of posts to come:

Block of cheese
Marry Poppins
Why Teachers Shouldn't Talk
Midsummer Night Dream
Stage Managing
A Doll House vs. A Doll's House
And many, many, more.
I'm aiming for Sunday to be a big post day, if not Sunday, then I'm gonna start using my lunch shift.

February 15, 2004

Fly Systems

Traditionally there are three ways to get something off stage between scenes. The first and simplest is to have a couple techs run out, pick it up, and move it. The second requires the piece of set to be mounted on wheels, which then can either sit on top of the stage or in tracks, and the piece rolls on and off.

The third, which I wish we had at my school is a Fly system. With a fly system set pieces literally "Fly" up into the ceiling (you need a very high ceiling). A fly system can also be used for flying people across the stage. I'd go into more details, but I've never worked with a fly system.

It figures

That even though I paid 80 bucks for an MP3 player, I don't get the batteries included.

February 10, 2004

God is a tomato and Satan is a pickle

Or at least thats according to E.C. Glass High School.

I know I've been a bit late on telling you about the Regionals, but hey, I was still laughing at them. To be short, my school got 3rd place, and isn't going to states because we missed 2nd by 1 point. I wont go into the logistics because I'll whine, but I'll tell you the funny stuff.

The show that beat us to 2nd place was E.C. Glass and, to be nice, I've seen choir concerts that were more entertaining. They sang almost the whole time, with short lines of dialog. Everything was about God, because the title of the play was "God Lives In Glass". My problems with the play are numerous. Among them being that it was a public school doing a play primarily about God. Another problem is that their main song consisted of two lines:

Ask the children
They also had a song entirely about how God is a Tomato, and of course the kids from my school (once we were on the bus) came up with: God is a Tomato, Satan is a pickle, Relish is Demons, and Jesus is Ketchup. We had quite a bit of fun. Another favorite line from the show to make fun of is:
God lives in a mirror, and when I asked Him who the prettiest girl in the world is, He told me the truth.. And it broke my heart.
He said the prettiest girl was MV. Hehehe.

I could go on and on. But I wont, because I still have a lot to do before bed. I'm going to blog more regularly again, I just had to get used to being a Stage Manager and dealing with some new curves thrown my way. So Toot-a-loo. And maybe I'll give you more tales from Regionals.

Just remember, its no longer BLTs. Its BLGs. Bacon. Lettuce. And GOD.

February 07, 2004

At regionals

So here I am at regionals. They put us in a computer lab and we're taking full advantage of it. I saw the stage, and can I just say that I'm JELOUSE *can't spell*

The school has a smaller stage-which sucks- but they also have a huge autitorium and an awesome sound system. It bums me out. And they have a FLY SYSTEM! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!

Oh well I'll get over it. Beyond that the school is pretty dingie. Paints peeling, and its just... blah. Its like they took the crappiest/oldest building and put all the good stuff in it.

Oh boy, one of the chicks from the school is looking over my shoulder. Opps. Too bad I don't really care. MWAHAHAHAHA

Lets see what else is there to say. Um.. I'm pretty bored. So thats mainly why I'm blogging. Oh well. I'll try to blog again later. Not sure I'll get a chance.

February 05, 2004

I'd Lament this latest development

Except that I'm too excited. So until Sunday at the easiest we shall part company. For tomorrow I'm going to crash and try to get extra sleep. And Saturday I shall board a buss at four AM to be in Lynchburg at 8.

I can't wait. Just don't' wish us luck (say break a leg). BYE!

~M 0.o Kie~

Short and Sweet.


So yeah I'm still hyper. We're going to Regionals in LynchBurg VA, so if your in the area, let me know! WOOT!

February 03, 2004

LA Di Da

Rain rain go away Come again another day I hate you so why do you stay? Rain rain go AWAY!
So the festival is tonight, we don't have school. The lights arn't finished. And no one is answering the phone in the lighting booth. GAH! I'm going to go make more phone calls.