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At regionals

So here I am at regionals. They put us in a computer lab and we're taking full advantage of it. I saw the stage, and can I just say that I'm JELOUSE *can't spell*

The school has a smaller stage-which sucks- but they also have a huge autitorium and an awesome sound system. It bums me out. And they have a FLY SYSTEM! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!

Oh well I'll get over it. Beyond that the school is pretty dingie. Paints peeling, and its just... blah. Its like they took the crappiest/oldest building and put all the good stuff in it.

Oh boy, one of the chicks from the school is looking over my shoulder. Opps. Too bad I don't really care. MWAHAHAHAHA

Lets see what else is there to say. Um.. I'm pretty bored. So thats mainly why I'm blogging. Oh well. I'll try to blog again later. Not sure I'll get a chance.


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It's spelled "jealous."

What's a fly system?


[dad mode on] If you're that bored, work on your SPELLING!!!!! [dad mode off]


Congrats on making regionals!! (I'd have said that sooner, but I'm just back from VA myself)
Don't get to jelous of a fly house... They're certianlly nice, but most of the really outstanding theatre I've been part of has been in black boxes and arena stages... Most directors don't seen to be able to use a proscenium and flys well anymore...