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I can anotate in my sleep

*Yawn* I don't think I've ever been this tired before, and I don't think its going to get much better. Besides the fact that my legs hurt like (pardon my language) hell from the leg press in the weight room, I've been staying after school to record blocking everyday and then I come home to do 3-4 hours of homework.

And my teachers (for the most part) suck. They all asigned projects at the same time. Oh yeah, remind me to post my paper on Arsenic. Its rather fun-almost got me sent to a shrink. Hehe.

So I feel bad about the lack of quality on this site. I've been looking for a guest blogger, but of my friends, either I refuse to let them blog, or they just don't DO anything. So I'm taking applications, per se.

So this was my random post of the day. Heres a list of posts to come:

Block of cheese
Marry Poppins
Why Teachers Shouldn't Talk
Midsummer Night Dream
Stage Managing
A Doll House vs. A Doll's House
And many, many, more.
I'm aiming for Sunday to be a big post day, if not Sunday, then I'm gonna start using my lunch shift.


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Looking forward to it!

Now, where did I live my flamethrower?