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A Call To Arms

Robert has asked for help with a PR person, so I'm gonna help out a bit.

1. How do you typically source material/stories for your blog/site?

Okay mister lazy-PR-dude-who-should-just-figure-this-stuff-out-for-him-self, the way I get all my foder for my blog is simple. I lie. Either lie, embellish, or threaten. Threatening is fun. I also go for the little gimicks that people use to get more hits... yeah I'm a huge hit-whore. Not a very good one mind you, but I try. So what was the question again?

2. Have you any examples of a story that you have broken on your blog, being second sourced up other blogs or the mainstream media?
Well I am currently studding why some people (notice I said people, not men/boys) like boxers over briefs... or for some of the more liberal people *coughcough* why they like Camando. I think I'm the only one doing it scientifically.

3. Do you believe people use or will in the future use blogs as a news source over the traditional medium of newspapers, tv and radio? And have you any evidence to support this?

Of course! But not for news... For entertainment. The quality of life should be judged by the quality of the entertainment. So obviously my readers have a poor life if they read my crap, but thats another story...

4. What are your views of the commercial sector adopting blogs to communication with customers, and other target audiences?

Suckage. 'Nuff said.... Actually not. Its okay, but they arn't "real" blogs. Their more of a "go-here-and-get-(millions-of-pop-ups-and-)ads-while-we-try-to-sell-crappy-stuff"

Okay I'm done.


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