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May 28, 2004

Random Question of the day

Is standardized testing a good idea?

Science Questions

Who was the first test-tube baby?

Louise Brown, born on July 25, 1978, is the first baby produced from fertilization done in vitro -outside the mothers body. Patrick Steptoe was the obstetrician and Robert Edwards the biologist who designed the method for in-vitro fertilization and early embryo development.

In-vitro fertilization occurs in a glass dish, not a test tube, where eggs from the mother's ovary are combined with the father's sperm (in a salt solution). Fertilization should occur within 24 hours and when cell division begins, these fertilized eggs are placed in the mother's womb (or possibly another woman's womb).

May 27, 2004

Science Questions

Why are eye transplants not available?

It is because the eye's retina is part of the brain, and the retina's cells are derived from brain tissue. Retinal cells and the cells that connect them to the brain are the least amenable to being manipulated outside the body.

Quote Of the Day

"I feel like Adam when he said to Eve, `Back up, I don't know how big this gets'"

-Robin Williams at the 71st Academy Awards while opening the Best Supporting Actress envelope

Random Question of the day

What is the past tense of the word spell? Spelt or Spelled?

May 26, 2004

Posts In Other Places

This is a list of the posts I've made on other blogs and journals. (I will keep this updated)

Just as a general link, look at FYF.


FUSE Viewer Post: Mookie Riffic rocks!

FUSE Viewer Post: Mookie Riffic pt. 2


Yes I've jumped the bandwagon. For the main reason is through a scientific study (coughyeahrightcough) I have found that the more links a blog hands out, the more traffic they are likely to get. So yes I will start doing a blog maze. (Found from Cheesemistress of Chaos)

So here we go. First stop is So Very Posh, its a lovely looking blog, with a very sleek and stylish design that I would want to steal in a heartbeat if I wasn't such a nice person (and if I knew how).

Next stop in the blog maze is Jaded and the first thing I noticed about her was the little desktop pictures in the upper right hand corner... Those I did steal. Hehe

Moving on to... No where. Because I can't find the blogroll on her blog. Maybe she just put it in another format, but I'm too lazy to try and find it or figure out what it is.. so I wont. =D

Science Questions

Prior to the condom, what was the main contraceptive practice?

Contraceptive devices have been used throughout recorded history. The most traditional of such devices was a sponge soaked in vinegar. The condom was named for its English inventor, the personal physician to Charles II (1630-1685), who used a sheath of stretched, oiled sheep intestine to protect the king from syphilis. Previously penile sheaths were used, such as the linen one made by Italian anatomist, Gabriel Fallopious (1523-1562), but they were too heavy to be successful.

School Day bordom

So here I am, I got 20 minutes until the final bell, I got 50 minutes till I get home, then once I get home I have 2 and half hours until dinner, I have 2 hours of required reading/annotating, 3 hours of fun reading, math homework, chem homework, gotta pick a song for drama (suggestions are being taken), got to shower, got to feed the dogs... I got a lot to do. *sighs* Too much to do. Its not really that much, but I wasn't counting the time I should spend doing projects. I should also do a few posts for FYF and work on the template... ah things to do.

Romance "Trash" Novels

Always have a highly entertain summary on the back of the book, and the first little "Catch your attention" page that shows you the authors style is also hilarious. Thats why I'm going to post them-its not a daily thing, it'll be irregular, but hopefully enjoyable.

Todays book is The Harlequin Hero

Back of book:

He was the perfect man- a living breathing hero!

Barbara Lewis found her boss far more appealing than any hero she'd read about in any romance novel. Best of all, she could dream of Chuck Ingram as a possibility in her own life.

Barbara knew the owner of Pacific Trucking was fond of her, but there seemed to be nothing romantic in his intentions. Determined to make Chuck notice her, she decided to adopt the sophisticated image of one of her favorite fictional heroines.

But her plan backfired when Chuck took a page from Barbara's book and decided to use similar tactics to win over the woman of his dreams-and it wasn't Barbara!

Front Page:
"Oo-oh, that's a kiss!"

Barbara leaned her head back, her eyes rolling to the ceiling, just imagining Chuck kissing her like Damon, the hero of Mediterranean Magic.

"I don't believe it." Chuck jerked the book out of her hand and read the steamy passage again.

"Well, don't worry about it." Barbara tried to keep the smugness of her ploy out of her voice. "nobody said you had to be as good at making love as the guy from this book."

"I'm as good a lover as he is any day!" Chuck insisted.

"If you say so." Barbara let a Little disbelief trail into her voice. "Um-m-m--what a man!" she teased.

Suddenly the book was flying across the room as Chuck grabbed her shoulder, his eyes dark with determination. "Come here, woman, and learn what a man really is," he growled.

It just drips of cheesyness

Quote Of the Day

"I tried marijuana once. I did not inhale."

-William J. Clinton

Random Question of the day

Is religion and science compatible? Do you think they can go hand in hand or must be entirely separate?

May 25, 2004

Quote Of the Day

Once again, a new (and hopefully) daily segment for Mookie Riffic. Now we'll be adding quotes. For the first quote, I have chosen a truly wonderful quote. Enjoy!

Ah, to be a bird. To fly the skies, sing my song, and best of all occasionally peck someone's eyes out.

-George Carlin

Science Questions

What is a tiger's eye?

Tiger's eye is a semiprecious quartz gem that has a vertical luminescent band like that of a cat's eye. To achieve the effect of a cat's eye, veins of parallel blue asbestos fibers are fist altered to iron oxides and then replaced by silica. The gem has a rich yellow to yellow-brown or brown color.

Advice for the girls

If its summer or spring, and your shaving your legs, make sure you check for bug bites... shaving one off really hurts.

Random Question of the day

Is it bad to no longer call yourself a "child of", but a Spawn?

I'm RocketJone's Spawn. Hehe!

FUSE Viewer Post: Mookie Riffic rocks!

They know it, I know it, now why doesn't everyone else?

Point is, if I have my way, I'll be posting at FuseBlog quite often! Woot! Man, I can't wait to see if I get a jump in traffic too... heh.

May 21, 2004

Random Question of the day

Why do people have "cyber sex"? I don't understand whats so great about it... (Question inspired by a health class discussion)

Science Questions

Why is it often cooler to wear white clothes, rather than black clothes?

White surgaces reflect all the colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), whereas black absorbs all the color in the light spectrum. The absorption of this energy causes the atoms inside the object to get excited, vibrate, and increase it's internal energy. When internal energy increases, the temperature of the object increases as well. Because black-colored materials and objects absorb more energy than lighter-colored materials, they get hotter.

May 20, 2004


Do mean Sh*t Out of Luck. But they also have an alternative meaning in Virginia Schools- the Standards Of Learning.

Its the test that everyone hates and dreads, but secretly love. You see, if you pass an SOL, you don't take the final. If you pass advanced on an SOL you get an automatic 100 on the final.

Kewl huh? Yeah, as long as they don't take away that priviledge. Which is exactly what the school wants to do. Can you say "FIE EVIL ONES. FIE!"

And to make matters worse all the SOL's will be computerized by 2006. Do you know how psyco that is? So far the math and science are computerized... it took an hour, a whole HOUR to even start the tests because the servers on both the state and region level couldn't handle the strain. Why? Because the state mandates SOLs to be taken at certain dates and times.

ARG!!! Why must they torment us so?

On the plus side SOLs are so easy your an idiot if you fail. The only way to fail them most of the time is to just pick C for every answer... and actually sometimes you can pass by doing just that.

365 posts

365 posts in 365 days shouldn't be that hard of a task... But alas, I have 98 more to go, and I only have till July 1st. But I WILL prevail.

I would also like 730 comments by then. Oh don't groan! It's not that bad, just 2 comments per post.. Or at least it would only be 2 comments for post if every had comment on all the past posts. But since they haven't you'll have to do double time. Theres 581 comments, so 730-581 will be... 149 comments to go! *blinks* thats about 2 comments per post from here on out.

So don't make me be a loser and do all my own comments! Okay? Now if only I had this dedication to FYF....

Science Questions

Who coined the term astrophysics?

American astronomer George Ellery Hale (1868-1983) founded and directed two major U.S. observatories, oversaw the construction of the world's four largest telescopes (each surpassing its predecessor in size), and made some of the most significant astronomical discoveries of his time. While a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Hale was volunteering at the Harvard College Observatory when, in 1889, he invented the spectrohelioscope, a combined telescope and spectroscope. This instrument produces a colorful display of the sun's chemical components. For instance, hydrogen appears red and ionized calcium appears ultraviolet in a spectrohelioscope. He was the founder and director of Yerkes Observatory and Mount Wilson Observatory and was the driving force behind construction of telescopes at those observatories and construction of the Hale telescope at Palomar Observatory. Among other astronomical pursuits Hale conducted solar research; while exploring sunspots he discovered, in their spectra, that magnetic forces were at work. Before this, no indication had been found that magnetic fields exist anywhere other than on Earth. Under Hale's directorship, revolutionary scientific discoveries were commonplace on Mount Wilson. In addition to solving the mysteries of sunspots, Hale and the rest of the observatory staff determined the temperature and composition of numerous stars and advanced out knowledge of the structure of the universe.

In 1902 Hale joined the Carnegie Institution's Advisory Committee on Astronomy and lobbied heavily for his concept of a "new astronomy." This new astronomy involved a combination of traditional astronomy (such as describing a star's motion and brightness) with physics (studying the physical properties of a star, such as leaning how it moves, why it shines, and what it is made of). Hale named this new science "Astrophysics."

Random Question of the day

1. How old are you?
2. When's your birthday?
3. When's your blogaversery?
July 1st will be one year

May 18, 2004

Typical Cancer Crap

So sitting in health class I had to fill in a chart about diseases. And several were different cancers... everything from prosterate cancer to breast cancer to "Cancer of the Testes" and cervical cancer. Fun right? No.

So the things to fill out were Type, Name, Symptons, Age Range, and Treatment. After the first 2 cancers, with the same general answer of "Surgery, Radiation, Kemo" blah blah blah. I filled in the rest with "Typical Cancer Crap."

I wonder if my teacher will even notice; for some reason I doubt that he will.

I haven't Mentioned this in a while.

But danm. That Gecko from Geico is sexy!

I wonder...

Have you ever had the uncontrollable urge to yell "Wedgie" in a crowded hallway?

No? Good... Neither have I.

Random Question Of the Day

Have you ever streaked?

May 17, 2004

Random Question Of the Day

1) Why sex?
Inspired by a movie we watched in Bio last year with "Why Sex?" as a title
2) Favorite sea food?
I hate all sea food.
3) Favorite fast food chain?
4) One person you know way too much about?
5) Where you grew up?
Northern VA
6) Do you use a standard QWERTY keyboard or another type?
QWERTY for me... I want to try another type though
7) How fast do you type?
Upwards 60 word per minute, 80 on a good day
8) Marital status?
9) Last thing you ate?
10) Last thing said?
Okie Dokey
11) Why do you blog?
Because I can.
12) Why is FYF a flop?
Oh yeah... because my friends suck. Heh.

Sex Ed

We had to do a worksheet that was supposed to make us think (like that would happen). Well on this worksheet we had to pick 3 out of 5 Discussian questions and answer them. This was my favorite one and how I answered it:

Question: What is the difference between a male and female?
My Answer: "Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina". Via Kindergarden Cop.
I got full credit for that answer.

Dog or God?

So I was in chem class today, and the two kids on either side of me were passing notes. Lets call them Gigli and Aflack. And they kept using me as a go-between to pass the note, so as the go-between I read the conversation... as I considered my right for risking my own neck. Man I'm glad I read it.

And I quote (as best as my memory can serve):

Gigli: Look Aflack, Superman is God. What could be better then a guy thats super strong?
Aflack: Okay dip****, that would work except Superman isn't real!
Gigli: Yeah well... God's never proven himself to me. I have yet to see him ring my door bell and say "Yeah I'm real. What now Biacth!"
Aflack: Thats because your stupid. God could do that, but hes above all that stupidity
Gigli: Yeah well... If your God sucks! Superman can fly, yours can't!
Aflack: Well can Superman part the red seas?
At this point I was laughing histerically and decided to put my two sense in. I wrote:
Not to interupt, but if I was dyslexic this is where I would say "Yeah... Well... Um... My God can lick his own balls!! Bet your god can't do that!"
Dad says I'm going to hell for that one. Yay!

May 15, 2004

Networking Help Needed

I have a slight problem. When we got new windows in my house we had to rerun my internet cable.

Well, we ran it. And put the little end thingies on it. And we pluged it into my computer and the router. And got nothing.

So I fiddled with it. And managed to get the lights blinking. Aparently when the lights on the router blink that means they can recognize each other but can't communicating with each other. Theres even a little blinking light on my network card.

I can't get it to work. Me and dad are going to try putting a new network card in my machine. If anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me. My computer is running on XP, and the other two computers in the network are both ME.


May 14, 2004

Legalizing Pot

I just watched a portion of Penn & Teller's show: Bullshit! (I say portion because the last 5-10 minutes were cut off by the PVR *grumbles*) in which they discussed Drugs.

They made a lot of good points. Hell, they made a lot of great points, and I was already convinced the Marijuana should be legalized, and now I'm even more convinced.

Now I'm not going to be one of those people that go on a crusade and storm the White House every couple weeks shouting "We Want Pot-We Want Pot", but I'm not going to stop the aforementioned people. People should have the right to do anything they want to their bodyís- providing that they don't harm others.

Marijuana is a drug, just like nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, sleeping pills, narcotics, etc. Pot is only dangerous in the hands of stupid people. Granted the world is full of stupid people... But thatís not the point! The point is marijuana is not anymore dangerous then alcohol.

Alcohol is not dangerous in itself. Itís only dangerous when people become stupid while drinking alcohol. A beer sitting on the counter is not going to suddenly leap up and kill someone. Well neither is a joint.

I said I wasn't one of those people that would go on a crusade, and I'm not. I wonít even go near the stuff. I have a very simple policy when if comes to drugs and my friends... and it is as stated:

I don't care that you do it, I just don't want to know about it, I don't want to see it, I don't want to be told about it, I don't want to be involved in it. If you offer me some, your getting smacked or punched. I don't care about Pot, but if you do needle drugs- Get Away From Me.
Very few people have ever had a problem with that personal policy. And the few that did just went away. As it should be.

There was only one thing on the Penn & Teller show I could find fault with. And that was this "No one has ever died from marijuana". I think thatís false. People have died of EVERYTHING. I'm sure people have even died from those annoying little plastic rings around the milk cap. For heavens sake! Tennessee Williams suffocated to death on a BOTTLE CAP! Now the death may not have been because of the pot directly, but it could have had an indirect effect. Also, pot is like cigarettes, you put a bunch of plant stuff in paper, you light it, and you inhale the smoke. Inhaling smoke isn't natural. Tobacco is a carcinogen, and Marijuana probably is too.

So I guess the point I'm trying to make is actually two... Go watch the Penn & Teller show Bulshit!, and I think pot is like alcohol. Its only dangerous in a stupid persons hands. If pot is illegal, then alcohol should be too. If alcohol is legal, then pot should be too.

I'm done. 'Nuff said.

May 13, 2004

Geek List

Found Via Dad

10) Google
9) Cooking Scrambled Eggs
8) Lighting
7) Rockets/Aerodynamics
6) Classic Rock
5) Madeline L'Engle Books
4) Stage Managing
3) Ancient Egypt
2) My Best Friend, Paul
1) Technical Theater

May 12, 2004

Things I Did Not Want To Know:

About Dad.

1) He is an Anarchist (proven by his possession of the Anarchist Cookbook).

2) He is an expert on BDSM (Found that out here).

3) The color of his underwear.

4) Even though he is terrified of spiders, he enjoys watching them attack things.

5) He was a Tupperware salesman-of-the-month once. I'm not sexist, but thats a bit odd to my mind... Then again, it is Dad..

6) Apparently I have relatives from 12 states... Most from Dad's side... Who knew? Not me.

7) He can write "Decent Erotica" (see number 85).

8) One of his best friends in the military went home and became a tribal shaman (and this is the man thats my god-father... Woot!).

I can't/don't want to think of anything else at the moment.

May 05, 2004

Random Question Of the Day

If you are what you eat, does that make me cheap, fast, and easy?

May 04, 2004

Its a good simulation

Heres a game thats hits close to home. In fact it is just like real life. (It almost got me in trouble because of the music! Gr... stupid computer making noise during class) The object is to kill the popups... but then, after a while, the computer does just like real life... well you'll see. Have fun.

Random Question of the Day

What was/is your favorite class in school?

Mines Theater Production. It rocks.

School... It's so productive

So here I am. Its 6th block. I'm bored and in the Library. So I decided to blog. I actually like the assignment we're working on. I'm in my Theater Production class and our final project is to do all the technical work and designs for a show of our choice. I chose the movie (which I labored to adapt to stage) 10 Things I Hate About You. I really have been enjoying working on it, but I needed a break so I'm blogging-ish.

What I really want is to go home. I'm not feeling well... not at all. Last night I puked-not a fun experience- and then in English I almost puked again -once again, not fun. In english we were discussing the book Things Fall Apart and some one brought up the character Mr. Brown, and English Missionary, and all I could think of was "Mr. Brown can Moo, can you?" And then I was joking with another friend who knows about Mu.Nu, and she started saying "Mr Brown can Moo" and I quickly added "NU!" before she finished it with "Can You". We giggled.

Yeah can you tell I'm bored?

May 03, 2004

Science Questions

This is going to be a new segment, hopefully daily. But daily is a kind of iffy thing with me. Heh. But anyway, pretty much I'll answer a random science question. I'll answer one that someoneís emailed me (mookie -at- mookieriffic.mu.nu) or I'll grab one of my "Handy Answer Science Books" and pick a random page and question. If its an Emailed question, you might want to take the answer with a grain of salt. But with out further ado:

Crystal wine glasses can shatter when resonating, but can they make music?
If the energy of a resonant standing wave is large enough, a crystal wineglass can shatter quite easily, but when the amplitude is smaller, the wineglass can produce a sound instead. Take, for example, a person rubbing his finger around the moist lip of a crystal wineglass. The glass seems to sing or hum. The humming is caused by the work the finger does on the glass: the rubbing of the glass causes it to achieve a standing wave pattern and perhaps resonate. The resonating molecules in the glass generate enough energy to vibrate the surrounding air and create a steady humming sound.

The frequency of the sound can be adjusted the same way that the frequency in an organ pipe can be adjusted--by changing the height of the air column, or in the case of the wine glass, by adding to taking away some of the liquid inside the glass.


A twist on the original.

Random Question Of The Day

1) Whats your favorite fruit? Raw Broccoli 2) Did you/Do you plan to go to college? Yeah 3) Where at? I like VA Tech and Marrymount Mahanhatten