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Do mean Sh*t Out of Luck. But they also have an alternative meaning in Virginia Schools- the Standards Of Learning.

Its the test that everyone hates and dreads, but secretly love. You see, if you pass an SOL, you don't take the final. If you pass advanced on an SOL you get an automatic 100 on the final.

Kewl huh? Yeah, as long as they don't take away that priviledge. Which is exactly what the school wants to do. Can you say "FIE EVIL ONES. FIE!"

And to make matters worse all the SOL's will be computerized by 2006. Do you know how psyco that is? So far the math and science are computerized... it took an hour, a whole HOUR to even start the tests because the servers on both the state and region level couldn't handle the strain. Why? Because the state mandates SOLs to be taken at certain dates and times.

ARG!!! Why must they torment us so?

On the plus side SOLs are so easy your an idiot if you fail. The only way to fail them most of the time is to just pick C for every answer... and actually sometimes you can pass by doing just that.


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