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Typical Cancer Crap

So sitting in health class I had to fill in a chart about diseases. And several were different cancers... everything from prosterate cancer to breast cancer to "Cancer of the Testes" and cervical cancer. Fun right? No.

So the things to fill out were Type, Name, Symptons, Age Range, and Treatment. After the first 2 cancers, with the same general answer of "Surgery, Radiation, Kemo" blah blah blah. I filled in the rest with "Typical Cancer Crap."

I wonder if my teacher will even notice; for some reason I doubt that he will.


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How can I comment on this post?

I once copied and pasted about 10 paragraphs in an essay and the marker didn't notice.


It was an accident and I was NOT trying to pad my essay.


Just in case you got the wrong idea.....