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Random Question Of the Day

1) Why sex?
Inspired by a movie we watched in Bio last year with "Why Sex?" as a title
2) Favorite sea food?
I hate all sea food.
3) Favorite fast food chain?
4) One person you know way too much about?
5) Where you grew up?
Northern VA
6) Do you use a standard QWERTY keyboard or another type?
QWERTY for me... I want to try another type though
7) How fast do you type?
Upwards 60 word per minute, 80 on a good day
8) Marital status?
9) Last thing you ate?
10) Last thing said?
Okie Dokey
11) Why do you blog?
Because I can.
12) Why is FYF a flop?
Oh yeah... because my friends suck. Heh.


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