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Romance "Trash" Novels

Always have a highly entertain summary on the back of the book, and the first little "Catch your attention" page that shows you the authors style is also hilarious. Thats why I'm going to post them-its not a daily thing, it'll be irregular, but hopefully enjoyable.

Todays book is The Harlequin Hero

Back of book:

He was the perfect man- a living breathing hero!

Barbara Lewis found her boss far more appealing than any hero she'd read about in any romance novel. Best of all, she could dream of Chuck Ingram as a possibility in her own life.

Barbara knew the owner of Pacific Trucking was fond of her, but there seemed to be nothing romantic in his intentions. Determined to make Chuck notice her, she decided to adopt the sophisticated image of one of her favorite fictional heroines.

But her plan backfired when Chuck took a page from Barbara's book and decided to use similar tactics to win over the woman of his dreams-and it wasn't Barbara!

Front Page:
"Oo-oh, that's a kiss!"

Barbara leaned her head back, her eyes rolling to the ceiling, just imagining Chuck kissing her like Damon, the hero of Mediterranean Magic.

"I don't believe it." Chuck jerked the book out of her hand and read the steamy passage again.

"Well, don't worry about it." Barbara tried to keep the smugness of her ploy out of her voice. "nobody said you had to be as good at making love as the guy from this book."

"I'm as good a lover as he is any day!" Chuck insisted.

"If you say so." Barbara let a Little disbelief trail into her voice. "Um-m-m--what a man!" she teased.

Suddenly the book was flying across the room as Chuck grabbed her shoulder, his eyes dark with determination. "Come here, woman, and learn what a man really is," he growled.

It just drips of cheesyness


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