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Dog or God?

So I was in chem class today, and the two kids on either side of me were passing notes. Lets call them Gigli and Aflack. And they kept using me as a go-between to pass the note, so as the go-between I read the conversation... as I considered my right for risking my own neck. Man I'm glad I read it.

And I quote (as best as my memory can serve):

Gigli: Look Aflack, Superman is God. What could be better then a guy thats super strong?
Aflack: Okay dip****, that would work except Superman isn't real!
Gigli: Yeah well... God's never proven himself to me. I have yet to see him ring my door bell and say "Yeah I'm real. What now Biacth!"
Aflack: Thats because your stupid. God could do that, but hes above all that stupidity
Gigli: Yeah well... If your God sucks! Superman can fly, yours can't!
Aflack: Well can Superman part the red seas?
At this point I was laughing histerically and decided to put my two sense in. I wrote:
Not to interupt, but if I was dyslexic this is where I would say "Yeah... Well... Um... My God can lick his own balls!! Bet your god can't do that!"
Dad says I'm going to hell for that one. Yay!


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Why would their god want to lick your god's balls? Very nice, though.


Woulda served all 3 of ya right had some horrible corrosive thing gone up in yer faces while y'all were being silly. Hey, I almost got my own eyeballs, all by my self, when I was about yr age and doing unrecommended things with model rocket motors. Owhell, knock yourself out, we people older than 50 have nothing to teach you all. snork.