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Random Question of the day

Is standardized testing a good idea?


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no. Standardized tests are ridiculous. They are ostensibly designed to see who is the lowest common denominator, who is up to snuff, who is not getting it. But they are designed by the spineless weasles who run the school systems and if the tests go badly that reflects poorly on them. So they artificially raise the scores by lowering the standards on the tests making them a total waste of, at least in my case, a full week of class. i could be learning during that week, or better yet, let me out of school for sumer a wek earlier, cripes. To reiterate, standardized test are a big steaming load of poopie.


Hmmm... I always enjoyed those tests... They were generally a breeze, and it meant no annoying homework while they were going on... Did they actually test anything?... I doubt it... They were all multiple choice when I came through... I know the SAT's have long answer questions now, so that may make them better, though far more disturbing to take...