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Random Question of the day

Whats the crappiest job you've ever had?


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Butcher. I love meat but the blood stink would get in your pores when you handled it raw all day. There would be this slimy residue that you couldn't wash off - like a greasy oily skin. The smell of blood became a permanent fixture in the nose - a thick, fetid, odor that smelled of life and death at the same time.


Hmmm... I've had so many... The literally crappiest job was working on an army base as an outdoor plumber, amongst other things we had to unclog the sewer mains... After that, everything else has been childs play as far as filth...
However the worst job was working for a particular theatre, over one summer... The pay was insulting, the management was insulting, and the hours were in the 16/ day range for the 3 months we all managed to make it before quitting... I will not even get in to the incompitent crew they stuck me with...


Working for a large international manufacturer of consumer products designing sales and marketing material...

Oh wait, that's the job I have now.


The second computer job I had. The company was family owned, which is fine, but they were a family of idiots. The Boss liked to yell and threaten to inspire people. His wife was the CFO and she spent most of her days shopping for clothes. The Operations Manager was his brother, and he was dumb as a post "What I done did?" is an exact quote from him, and it became a catch phrase in the tech area). One of his sons was...I'm not sure, but he drove a Mercedes and had an office the size of his mother's.

The other son was actually an allright guy. Great personality, real computer and people skills, and was hated by his own family.

That company was since sold; last I heard the buyers had succesfully unloaded that division because it couldn't make money as long as those morons were in charge.

I won't mention the name of the company, but there is a watch manufacturer by the same name--and I won't buy their watches, just because of that hell-hole.