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Random Question of the day

What was the worst prank you ever pulled? (Doesn't have to be on April Fools)


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One guy at work was a real jerk. He was also a minor manager, so he had to be invited to happy hours, and the first question he asked after accepting wasn't, "Where is it?" but, "Who's buying?" Also, if anyone had any hobby or something they were good at, he had already done it, and better, but he never had any proof, or he blew out his knee or lost his voice or had a sex-change or something. A real jerk.

One day, me and another guy soaked his office in cheap cologne. *Real* cheap cologne. (He was like, "You could've at least used Ralph Lauren or something good." Jerk.)

After the carpets got cleaned and he replaced his chair, we put an open can of tuna fish in the vent in his office in the winter. We had to take it out after two days, because it started stinking up the whole warehouse.


Then there was the time I felt a certain need coming on, so I went to my supervisor's office (he and I were good friends). His secretary tried to stop me by explaining the door was closed because he was on the phone w/ the president of the company, and I just replied, "Perfect." I went into his office, he looked up at me and gave me a dirty look, and I cut loose with a gaseous eruption that the EPA should've investigated. I walked out and closed the door behind me, went to my bench, and my phone was ringing before I got there. It was the secretary: "You bastard. That's leaking out the door." A bit later, my bud came out of his office, complaining of stinging eyes and swearing eternal horrors on me and mine. He got even with me pretty good, too.




Here's my lame best.

I took a screen shot my computer challenged boss's system with 3 or 4 open files and folders. I set this as his desktop (wallpaper for you PC folk) No matter what he tried. No matter how many times he clicked or re-started those open files wouldn't go away.

The next day he was greeted with his usual desktop only slight blurry.

When he and the IT guy headed down the hall to get a spare monitor from the closet the problem mysteriously corrected itself as it had the previous day. They hooked up the monitor anyway just in case.

It didn't seem to help. The next day the image on his monitor was upside down.

On the last day of the series it was mirrored (backwards).

He and the IT department never figured out what was going on or who was the culprit.


Not an AF prank, but whatever.
A guy I worked with was a total douche and i think only kept the job because his brother also worked there. Well, one day, we were stocking the store, birdseed at teh time and he threw a 25 lb. bag of sunflower seed in another employees face. Said he was aiming for "the numbers" but missed. He was lucky that by that time i was between them. Anyway, i was about to leave for college so i asked the "reciever" if there was anything i could do to help him get the "Tosser(heh, tosser)." We eventually deided on Magnesium Citrate(a carbonated laxative in lemon lime flavor) in his Sprite. So while he was assiduously avoiding work, we drained most of his sprite, topped it off with the MgCitrate, and let nature take its course.
Unfortunately he didn't drink it fast enough for full potency, but he did spend a fair time in the can that afternoon anyway. Shame it couldnt have happened with his girlfriend that night.
Que sera sera.


Does leaving a fake suicide note on your blog (to announce that you are moving blog hosts) count?


I started a blog. But I'm still doing it, so I suppose the joke's on me.


In stage crew we took a roll of duct tape, and taped a guy up on the wall. He said we could tape him as long as the tape wasn't on skin. Well he had shorts and it "accidentally" was wrapped around his leg. After taping him, we painted him a bright, petobismol pink.


Dang, just remembered another time me and another guy got my old boss. As he moved up the corporate ladder (and more power to him) his office moved further down the hall. When we moved to a new warehouse, he had the second best office, at the end of the main hall. Me and another co-worker went into his new office early and shrink-wrapped *everything* (it was warehouse Saran Wrap, basically, but we called it shrink-wrap. Sticks to itself like glue and is tough as nails).

His desk was shrink-wrapped. His phone on his desk was wrapped in shrink-wrap and shrink-wrapped to the desk. His computer monitor, keyboard, mouse: all underneath shrink-wrap. His chair we shrink-wrapped to his desk. His bookshelf was shrink-wrapped to his filing cabinet, and of course the filing cabinet was shrink-wrapped closed.

We shrink-wrapped everything except for the picture of his (very beautiful, for the record) wife. That we very carefully (and thoughtfully, I felt) placed back on his desk, right where it should have been, on top of the shrink-wrap.

He rolled in, and as he entered the door his phone started ringing (me, of course, and there was no caller ID back in those days). His secretary told him she had just transferred the CEO to his voice mail. He ran down the hall, and the next thing we heard was him yelling, again promising horrors eternal for me and mine.

Sadly, about that time his sense of humor went south, he didn't get even with me, and the practical jokes stopped--but that may have been related to the fact the company was going down the toilet, too.