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Random Question of the day

Since I didn't post one on the 4th, you get two today!

You know the deal, either answer in the comments or answer on your blog with a link back here.

1) Did you have a imagenary friend as a child? If so what was it/what was its name?

2) What is your favorite superhero? Your least favorite?

My answers in the extended

1) No imagenary friend for me, I could never pick a name I liked that stuck.

2) *thinks real hard* I'd have to say... Penny from the show Inspector Gaget. I know shes not really a super hero, but hey, I don't really have a favorite.


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1. No imaginary friends.
2. I wanted to be Wonder Woman...and I think Flash Gordon is lame.

BTW, did you get my interview questions in your e-mail??


1. No imaginary friends.
2. I wanted to be Spider-Man and thought that Aquaman was really lame.


When I was really young adults would, from time to time, ask me if I had an imaginary friend. So, one day, while laying in the yard by myself, I decided to try it. He was the spitting image of my friend Paul, and I called him Laup. But, after about 20 minutes or so, he hadn't said a word to me, so I told him to get lost. I mean; what the heck kinda friend is that?! So, no. I've never had an imaginary friend.

And I was definately a Spiderman fan and had no use for the Incredible Hulk (cartoon version).