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Well, actually only one, but its still a good one.

Its called Penguin Swing.

My high is 533.4 and since theres not instructions on the site-heres how you play.

Click once with your mouse and the penguin starts falling. Click and hold down the mouse as the penguin descends. Let go of the mouse button to hit the penguin. It takes some getting used to.


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I got 577.6! BEAT THAT!


Fun game! I like anything with snow and/or penguins, like Tux Racer. Anyway. I got just the right bouncing arc on my penguin projectile for a score of 588.3!

Here's a screenshot for proof:

Sorry to be encroaching on your Mookie-ness, but I have well-established "street-cred" as a "Mookie" myself. Hopefully there is room enough for both of us in this cyber-town and we won't have to have a showdown.

I've been called "Mookie" by friends for a little more than 12 years now.. and have used it as a "stage name" for music performance/engineering/production for about 7 years.


Dude, i got a 587.1...

bwah, so there!!! ^^


i got 586... i have played it on another site but the numbers were never that high!