June 24, 2005


I found this monolouge very moving. Its titled Sharon, and A young girl tells what it felt like to have been raped and her plans for revenge.

Alright! Yes. Yes, I hated it! So what? For three months I felt that damned thing inside me. I couldn't stand it. I couldn't go to school. I couldn't leave the Christian Army home. I hated those boys for what they had done to me. I hated my parents and those goddamn missionaries at the home. And, most of all, I hated my baby. Everyday goddamn day I went to chapel and prayed to God for forgiveness for whatever I had done to make him let those boys rape me. At first I prayed for Him to make the baby go away. But then ... then I knew that wouldn't be enough. I wanted to get back at those boys. To hurt them like they had hurt me. I began praying to God to let me have the baby. To have it be healthy. To have it be alive so I could take it around town, show everyone what had happened to me. Tell everyone how it happened. What it felt like being raped. Name the fathers. Make the town hate them as much as I did. When I ran away, I confronted one of the boys who had raped me and told him what I planned for him and his baby. He begged me not to do it. Pleaded with me to get rid of it. Cut it out. I laughed. I wanted to ruin his life. When he threatened me, I came back to the home. To protect the baby. To keep it safe for me use against them. Then ... I miscarried. I couldn't believe it. God had had me raped then took away my instrument of revenge. The sonofabitch had killed the one thing that could've made ... my life ... acceptable. I cried for days. Then, later, I realized what had really happened. When I saw other babies, other mothers, saw how much they loved them, I wanted to love my baby, too. I wanted my baby ... to love ... not hate. And then I realized that God hadn't taken away my revenge. He had done something worse. He had taken away the one chance I had had to turn something ugly into something beautiful. He had killed innocence and hope. He had kept the evil alive.


Fuck God.

I'm adding this one to my binder of monolouges I "wouldn't mind doing".

February 25, 2005

Think Of Me

So I've read the Phantom of the Opera- the origional novel (1800s), Phantom-the story of his life (1980s) and I've been listening to the movie soundtrack. at some point I'm going to write a huge post comparing it all, but for now this is the thought that just struck me:

In the Phantom Of The Opera (movie or play) Christine Daae sings "Think of Me". Could it be that the song forshaddows the ending? So that its almost like she's asking the Phantom to "think of me kindly"?

Just a thought, but what do you think?

February 21, 2005

Crack Dream and Dancers

So, I've watched both versions (Origional, and Hugh Jackman) of Oklahoma! and as such I've watched both versions of the Dream Ballet.

That isn't any Ballet. Thats a Crack Dream, pure and simple.

I managed to get the director to start calling it a Crack Dream, and the ballet dancers, Crack Dancers.

Am I good or what?

The Little Wonder

For those of you that have seen the show Oklahoma! you know that the Little Wonder is the kaldescope-like toy that Will Parker buys for his father-in-law (or in our case mother-in-law because we always have more girls then guys), and Jud Fry reveals that it has a blade in it that drops down and can be used to kill someone.

I get to build it. *Happy Grin*

And since when I googled how to build it, I got absolutly nothing, I'm going to be posting the directions on how to build. I'll probably have pictures too.

Oh yeah, and as a final, un releated note: This still makes me giggle. Like, WTF mate?

January 31, 2005


At my high school our spring show is going to be Oklahoma and in the past month since we've started it I've realized a couple things about the show in general. Mainly I've noticed that I personally do not like the story line itself or some of what happens in it. I've watched the 1955 version on VHS when I found out we're doing it, and I figured I might as well familiarize myself with it seeing as I'm going to be a stage manager, head of stage crew, and possible assistant director (why yes, I am crazy, why do you ask?). Well when watching the movie my initial thoughts were as follows:

-I really don't like sopranos much... too much air not enough actual voice...
-Thatís not a dream dance... thatís a Crack Dream!!!
-Brilliant.. Kill a guy and then sing about it being a beautiful morning.... Humm...
I was skeptical about the show at that point, but I figured I'd wait to see our cast list before making any predictions about the success of the show (I don't know why, but everyone always asks me that.. as if I have some sort of ForeSight or something...). I also decided I needed to watch the Hugh Jackman version of it and once again my thoughts followed the same general lines, though I will admit that Hugh Jackman did really well (I already knew he could sing from my CD Boy from Oz) but he did better in the part then I expected.

So in general when rehearsal started I wasn't to thrilled with the show, and I was a bit pessimistic about the whole thing. But itís growing on me. The guy playing Curly is actually a very good singer and actor, but its so hilarious because I don't think the boy can sing and dance simultaneously unless he really knows it well. Also the guy playing Curly, Joe, is louder then the whole ensemble, and he isn't even trying yet! Our show is fraught with hilarity and internal drama trauma, and its only going to remain so.

The most hilarious moment was when Joe had to skip rehearsal for a doctorís appointment, and for most this isn't a big deal, but with Joe gone his understudy had to step in. Joe's understudy is the boy that plays Jud Fry, and Jud's Understudy is the Judge, and the Judge doesnít have an understudy. So not only were all of the lead boys shifted around, and none knew their parts- shame on them, yours truly had to fill in for the Judge. And let me tell you that in itself was hilarious because A) I make cats howl when I sing, B) I have no rhythm, C) my dancing partner is taller and weighs more then me, and she expected me to be able to lift her up. Next time Joe is absent I am refusing to fill in.

So anyway, back to my point. The show as a whole I think will be good, but I personally donít like it. Though I am really excited about our set. The songs are starting to grow on me too, even if the plot isnít, but mainly they are growing on me because they are such earworms. OhÖ the Farmer and the Cowman should be friendsÖ Oh the farmer and the cowman should be friends. *Bangs head* That one is a personal nemesis now because I canít get it out of my head!

One of the teachers in charge of the show says that itís my time to blossom. And I kind of agree, because Iím really enjoying my new responsibilities. But in a way I donít quite think Iím ready to ďBlossomĒ. Since Iím the most experienced Stage Manager (1 has done a show before, and 2 are rookies whereas I have 4 shows) and Iím in charge of organizing who does what there, and Iíve actually gotten to run a few of the rehearsals with out a teacher around, Iím not sure Iím ready for everything. Most of the kids in drama now come to me to ask about things like costumes, and Iíll admit I like being able to answer their questions or being able to direct them to the right person I sometimes wonder if Iím doing everything right. Its just a little niggly thought at the back of my head that constantly whispers ďAre you sure?Ē And to be truthful, I have no earthly idea. At least once a week I get asked a question where I donít know the answer and the directors arenít around so Iím forced to make a split decision. Iíve yet to decide wrong when I make these ďexecutive decisionsĒ but thatís mainly through luck and talking to the directors/teachers on almost a peer to peer level instead of student to teacher. I donít want to mess up, even though I know its bound to happen Iím constantly worried.

It is kind of cool though how as the cast realizes that I know what Iím doing (even though I mostly fake it) they are starting to come to me for more then just drama-related stuff. My friend Liz (whom Iíve replaced as stage manager) said that a stage manager not only keeps track of all the technical stuff, but they keep track of the emotional/personal stuff. I didnít really think she was serious, and I just thought that it was because she herself is such an awesome friend to so many, but its true. Its almost like the more competent people think I am, the more people come to me to rant, cry, worry, and get comfort. Its not really something Iím used to doing for so many. I actually googled up a stage managerís desired qualities, and Liz was right! The website (I lost the link) said that an effective stage manager needs to be able to be a stern task maker, while being able to be a friend, confidant, parent-figure, and authoritative. I hope I have those qualities, for I think working in theater as a stage manager or technical director is where Iím headed.

Iím going to do fine, I think. I have to, I mean if an actor can memorize all their lines and blocking then surely I can do okay. Now I just have to get Farmer and the Cowman out of my head!

Yes I know I ramble quite a bit, but I really don't care. :)

January 30, 2005

Phantom Of The Opera

I don't understand why, but all the reviews I've read or heard about it say it stinks. I've seen it twice, and I have the sound track, and I love the movie. I think quite a few of the critics are bad mouthing it because they think Emmy Rossum is a royal... Witch. The DJ on Sirius even said (let see if I can quote this right) "Don't waste your money. Save your $12.95 and wait for it to come out on DvD. Better yet, steal it once it comes out. Or even better! Come up to Time Square and buy it Bootleg!!". What I really want to know about this quote, is "Who the hell pays $12.95 to go to the movies?!" I only pay 8 bucks. 5 if I remember to show my student ID.

But back to the subject: The Phantom of The Opera. This movie is everything I had hoped for. For months prior to the release it was all me and one of my friends could talk about. When we all went to go see it (it was me, 2 friends that graduated, and my English Teacher) we were all crying at the end of it. The second time I saw it, I knew the story well enough that I could look at the more subtle aspects of it, and I enjoyed it even more the second time through! By the end of the 1st Act I was crying (I knew it was the first act because I listened to the CD), and I didn't stop until the end. The only other movie that has made me cry in the past 5 years was The Notebook(it comes out on DvD February 7th-ish!).

For those that don't know the story line, I'm going to attempt to summarize it with out fawning too much over it:

The Phantom Of The Opera 2004 movie starts out at in the year 1917 at an auction where an old, graying man bids on a music box. The old man recognizes another one of the bidders, and while they don't talk to each other, they both show respect. The scene is done with a sepia coloring, so it looks like an old photograph brought to life, and at the end of the scene the auctioneer asks the workers to raise "the very chandelier that figures in the famous disaster. Our work shops have repaired it, now perhaps we can frighten away the ghosts of so many years ago with a little illumination." As the chandelier is raised, color comes to the scene and with some wonderful special effects we see the cast and crew getting ready for rehearsal of their latest show. We come upon Carlotta, an Italian woman, played by Minnie Driver, who is the lead soprano. She is, to say the least, obnoxious, but plays an important role as comic relief. The cast is informed that there are new owners of the Opera house, and as Carlotta sings for them, a back drop falls on her, knocking her down. She is infuriated and storms out, leaving the Opera house with out a lead on opening night. Panicking, the owners decide to humor the ballet instructor when she suggests Christine Daie to take Carlotta's place. Christine, needless to say, does splendidly, and performs on opening night, where her child hood sweet heart- Viscount De Chaney- Raoul falls in love with her all over again. The Phantom then makes his first appearance that night in her dressing room right after Raoul leaves, and takes Christine down to his Lair and they sing the trademark song The Phantom Of The Opera. The song is closely followed by Music of the Night, and the Phantom, played by Gerard Butler, casts a spell of sorts upon Christine. Christine is infatuated [and rightly so since he's mad Hott]. This show progresses, and Carlotta comes back to take back the lead role- but the phantom is having none of it. During the show he sabotages Carlotta and then kills a man with the "magical lasso". The poor fool forgot to "keep his hand at the level of his eye". Upon the fool's death, Christine and Raoul run to the roof top and have their wonderfully sweet song, All I Ask Of You, and the Phantom witnesses their love. The Phantom is crushed, and in the reprise of All I Ask You he curses both Christine and Raoul.
That's act one. I'd say more, but I'd give away too much. But in the reprise of All I Ask Of You, Butler is amazing, and it is you can actually see the Phantom's heart breaking. It is just one of the most moving scene's I've seen in a movie in a long time. After watching that scene, it was no longer possible for me to even think that possibly the Phantom could be a "bad guy". Insane? Maybe. Bad? No.

The Phantom Of The Opera, in my opinion, is not a bad movie, its not even close. And I suggest seeing it, even if all the critics don't. After all, What does a critic know? They've only studied for several years and have worked their way up to their current position... but hey, who ya gonna trust? Them or Me?

Trust me. It's worth it.

August 21, 2004

One Act Play Competiton, Part 2

I've been fighting my urge to make a big deal about this, and I've tried to be patient. But these people are PISSING ME OFF.

Whew. Felt good to yell that. But I'm sure you'd like to know what I'm talking about. In febuary I wrote a post (actually its 2 posts) about my School and what happened in the One Act competition. And I'm sick of recieving not only comments that offend me, but emails that insult me and have no real purpose.

The comments that I have left in the post are all the A) Cleaner ones, or B) The ones I took the insults out of. A couple had no purpose beyond insulting me and my friends. But I would like to share all the comments, right here, right now on my main page. And I would like to ask for some help. I want to have my site google bombed so that when ever someone googles EC Glass, they recieve either my blog, or my post titled "God is a tomatoe, and Satan is a Pickle"

So I'd like to share the comments left on my post with you.

I'd like to start with our lovely king, Pixy Misa's initial comment of

Boo! Boo to the pickles!
Which was followed by Victors sympathetic words of:
I'm sorry to hear that. So close...
and Justthisguy's humorous
I must have an evil mind. The first thing I thought of when I read that was my favorite bad movie, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes."
Now we must enter into the batch of comments that required editing, oh and as a side note, none of these people had the balls to leave a valid email. So first I'd like to present the origional non-blogger reply:
I am from EC Glass High School. I am sorry that you feel that way about our school. An NYU playwright gave our school rights to the show... we are the first people to use it outside of NYU in the world. The show will be on Broadway soon, but Glass got to use it before they did. "God is a Tomato" is one of the songs. At least my school had the talent to do a musical. Also, we have no control over whether or not paint is chipping on the walls. Next time a school opens their doors so you can perform your play, I'd say that you need to be a little more thankful and appreciative. Also, about your religion in public schools comment: theatre is optional. No one was forced to sing about God, it was their choice. The show itself wasn't preachy or anything; it covered almost every religion on the Earth in its thirty minute run. It wasn't forcing anyone to go out and be saved, it wasn't forcing anything. What was the play that you all did anyway?
That one didn't require editing, but it kind of miffs me that the person didn't even read any of my other posts to find out what play we did.

Next one explains a few things about the show, but I'm sorry dude, maybe if I saw the whole show I'd get what your talking about, but from what I saw, your wrong. Sorry dude.

PS it was sung the entire time with short dialogue because it was a musical revue.

And just cause its a musical revue doesn't mean it can't have a plot!!

Ah yes, this person is a favorite of mine, wish I could meet them, and I'm not being sarcastic! The person scores major points because A) They actually left a valid email address and B) agree with me. ^^

Hi- I was in the school the came in 4th place at the regional competition (and, since we're in the same district as EC Glass, we were "lucky" enough to see them at districts as well). Unfortunately, the writer of this article is not exaggerating. Although the premise of the play seemed interesting enough, the cast could not pull it off. The acting was fine, but in a musical, the judging should be on technical merit, not just that they are singing and it's a plus if they can sing well... which generally, was not the case. "God is a Tomato" was a cute number and performed quite well... unfortunately, this cannot be said for a vast many of the other numbers in the play. At our district competition, it was generally agreed by everyone except EC Glass (and apparently the judges) that we and the school that placed 3rd were much better than "God Lives in Glass"... unfortunately, EC Glass hosting both competitions and a convenient amount of judges being from the Lynchburg area did not help this. In both instances, no one cheered for EC Glass except themselves... whereas other schools that placed were cheered by everyone... kind of tells you something, doesn't it?

And this is the newest comment, I found it just today actually.

I'm sad to hear that your theatre sucks compared to E.C. Glass, who went to Scotland to perform A Chorus Line at the Fringe Festival. Oh yeah, learn how to stage manage, you couldn't handle an event quite like Glass did.
The person signed their name as Tech and didn't leave a valid email. I personally think the person can go stick their head in a bucket of horse dung. But I'm not mad. Honest.

So there we go. Thats the wonderful, glorious, clean-enough-to-allow, responses to my earlier post. So, as I said before. I want to googlebomb my site. I want either this post, or my earlier post to be the number one result when searching for EC Glass.

Am I bitter? Hell ya.

June 08, 2004

Avenue Q

Think Sesame Street with songs like "Everybody's Racist" and "If I Were Gay".

Avenue Q!!

June 07, 2004


Long before Dorothy dropped in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One, born with emerald-green skin, is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. How these two unlikely friends end up as the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch makes for the most spellbinding new musical in years.
I want to see WICKED!

Tony awards

So I was watching the Tonys earlier on TIVO, and let me tell you... no man should be able to kick that high, move his hips that well, and look that good in gold pants.

Theres only one way to put it... (pardon my french)... But Da-da-damn he's hot! (too bad he's married)

I'll put links in as I find them.

February 15, 2004

Fly Systems

Traditionally there are three ways to get something off stage between scenes. The first and simplest is to have a couple techs run out, pick it up, and move it. The second requires the piece of set to be mounted on wheels, which then can either sit on top of the stage or in tracks, and the piece rolls on and off.

The third, which I wish we had at my school is a Fly system. With a fly system set pieces literally "Fly" up into the ceiling (you need a very high ceiling). A fly system can also be used for flying people across the stage. I'd go into more details, but I've never worked with a fly system.

February 07, 2004

At regionals

So here I am at regionals. They put us in a computer lab and we're taking full advantage of it. I saw the stage, and can I just say that I'm JELOUSE *can't spell*

The school has a smaller stage-which sucks- but they also have a huge autitorium and an awesome sound system. It bums me out. And they have a FLY SYSTEM! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!

Oh well I'll get over it. Beyond that the school is pretty dingie. Paints peeling, and its just... blah. Its like they took the crappiest/oldest building and put all the good stuff in it.

Oh boy, one of the chicks from the school is looking over my shoulder. Opps. Too bad I don't really care. MWAHAHAHAHA

Lets see what else is there to say. Um.. I'm pretty bored. So thats mainly why I'm blogging. Oh well. I'll try to blog again later. Not sure I'll get a chance.

February 05, 2004

Short and Sweet.


So yeah I'm still hyper. We're going to Regionals in LynchBurg VA, so if your in the area, let me know! WOOT!

February 03, 2004

LA Di Da

Rain rain go away Come again another day I hate you so why do you stay? Rain rain go AWAY!
So the festival is tonight, we don't have school. The lights arn't finished. And no one is answering the phone in the lighting booth. GAH! I'm going to go make more phone calls.

January 13, 2004

One Act Play Competiton

Its on Febuary 3rd, and yes, yours truely will be in it. So should you come? Absolutly! Its going to be fun, its free, and its at 7:00. There will be not 1, not 2, BUT THREE FOUR Schools competing. My school, and our three biggest rivals- Hilton, Woodbridge, and Forest Park.

If your interested in coming, email me at mookie_riffic -at- yahoo-dot-com for directions (Put '1act' in the subject please). And once again, and I must say that our show is called the "Complete History Of America, Abridged, Part One", and if you don't mind my boasting, we kick major ass.

I'm done bragging now. But seriously, you should come to the show, and pass the word around to bloggers.

UPDATE: Yes there are Four. Not three. And people wonder why I have a C+ in math.

January 04, 2004


In theater, one of the most important, and hardest tasks is becoming invisible. During scene changes and backstage you should not be seen. Most of the time you can get away with just black clothes, my favorite techie ever was a bit obsessive. He wore ALL black. He even tried to show me his underwear to prove it. This guy did everything from a black ski mask to black gloves. The pity? The guy did spotlight and no one cares about spot that much. Such a shame too.

Now i have given you a picture of me, (click) in my techie outfit. I've gone ahead and taken several pictures, with me in various stages of Techie-dom, you can figure it out. And one more thing, I generally don't go as observe as the last one.

December 09, 2003


So you might ask me if I am a moron. And my answer is... Yes. But I am a moron with a dream! And that my friend is the most dangerous Moron there is.
Brought to you by the Gar-field Drama Program's one act show, origionaly produced and preformed by the Reduced Shakespear Company.

If you are in the Metro are, you have to come. For several reasons. First of all, I will be there *grins*, and everyone loves me! Second-It is Hilarious. Third-Me. Forth-It doesn't cost an money to get in the door. And you see not one, but 8 high schools preform. (The other highschools will Obviously suck in comparison to Gar-field, but hey, what can I say.)

So if your in the Metro are, even if you arn't. Come see the show! Granted any one over sea's is escused... Maybe.

November 27, 2003

Dressing In Character

Notes from Theater Class on Costuming.

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November 20, 2003


In theater production we started a unit on costuming. Lets just say that we haven't gotten very far because we were laughing too much when learning how to take someones measurements. It was especially funny with the Inseam. Heres a bit of the scene:

Ms S.: Okay you take the tape measure and.........(awkward silence)......... The Inseam is the from the Inner Seam of your pants to either the Floor or your ankle-depending on what your measuring.

Shawn: You mean... Its starts "There"??

Ms. S.: Umm. Explain the vauge concept of "There"

Shawn: Hey Blue, Need a partner? (the look on his face is classic.)

Ms. S.: Whoa! Lets keep this partner thing to guys with guys and girls with girls. The last thing I need is Security or the Principal walking while a guy is measuring a girls inseam.

Shawn: (striken look on his face, as if all his dreams were squashed)

I can't wait for the next class.

November 17, 2003


I found out what our winter, One Act Play for the Virginina High School League, is going to be....

The Complete History Of America-Abridged-Part One

I am so happy. Down side? We might not have a Set or Stage Crew for it. Boo. Oh well.

October 08, 2003

Hierarchy of The Theater (Direct from Notes)

This is directly from my notes, rather confusing, but it works. Have fun.
Its a big picture (put it in Jpeg, so either go to Extended Entry, or click Here (you will have to adjust the window)

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September 29, 2003

Personal Space

Every one has their own little ďbubbleĒ that they donít like people to be in. This bubble varies in size with every person, often depending on who the intruder is, the culture they were raised in, and how comfortable they are with the intruder. Introverts generally keep to themselves and have a larger personal space then Extraverts.

There are four categories of Personal space. 8 feet or more is considered Public space, 4-8 feet is Social space, Ĺ-3 feet is personal space, and less then one foot is Intimate space.

In class we played a game on personal space. What happened was we would pair up, and one person would stand with the back to the other, and when they felt the other person get to near they would turn around. I had a real asshat as a partner, I didnít like him, so I didnít let him get within 4 feet of me. But later on that day I was hanging out with one of my friends and we were sitting less then a foot a part. Its all about who it is.

This was included in my Theater notes, so thats why its under the Theatre label.

Non-Verbal communication in Drama and every day life.

Non-verbal communication is an essential part of every day life, 2/3s of all communication is non-verbal. Non verbal communication includes, but is not limited too: tone, mood, posture, facial expressions, gestures, movement, clothing, colors, distance, touch, avoidance of touch, eye contact, pitch, rate, and volume. Non-verbal communication can be used in addition to verbal communication, because the definition of non-verbal communication is ďAnything communicated that is NOT the intellectual content of your wordsĒ.

There are four main types of gestures. The first one is Defining, it conveys a location. An example would be pointing. The second is Describing, such as texture, shape, or size. Then there is Whole idea, this conveys an entire concept, such as twirling your finger by your ear means crazy. The last type of gesture is Emotional Tone, these display mood and are illustrated with the Entire body.

Generally when on stage, you always want to start your gestures or movement with the UPSTAGE hand. This is too keep your face Open. Also you need to be constantly aware of where the audience is, for you never want to turn your back on them. Also when making movements with your arms and hands, your wrist leads. And when moving and walking, your torso leads all movement.

September 28, 2003

Colors in Theatre.

Before I get to the main topic of my post I should mention that Iím taking not one, but two drama courses. Speech and Drama, and Theater Production. Can you say Yikes! But Iím learning a lot, and Iím enjoying it. So as I learn it, Iím going to post it.

Now on to the topic, Colors In Theater.

All colors generally stand for a particular emotion, and are used to set people apart, distinguish groups, create moods, and foreshadowing.

The term colors also includes Wood tones, certain wood tones mean different thing. For example, a dark mahogany or oak generally is used in a tragedy. And Pine, or to be really picky, White Pine is used for upbeat things, like comedies and musicals. Its all about the mood.

When designing a set for a play there is generally two neutral colors that everything is based on. Either Black and White, or Brown and Ivory. If its going to be a black and white, you donít want ivory in it because the ivory will just look dingy. And that of course is not good. Once you pick out your two base colors you work from there, generally with a color pallet, or if your thrifty/poor, you use paint chips.

For our fall show this year, we are doing Sabrina. Weíre taking the best scenes from the original 1930ís play Sabrina Fair, the best from the Humphrey Bogart version and the best of the Harrison Ford version. It should be awesome. We have color coordinated each person and group with a very particular color. For example (Iím going to assume you know the basic plot and characters) the Larrabees are going to be in Blue. The matriarch of the family, Maude, in a almost purple blue. Why? Because-Ta Da!- purple means Royal. The blue is calm, and since weíre talking about a supper rich family, weíre assuming they have no real worries.

I donít remember the colorís for a lot of the other characters, so hereís what each color means anyway. Green means Envy, Money, or Sickly. Red means Heat, Passion, Rage, Anger, Trouble, or Sex. Yellow is happiness, and surprise (all those emotions that generally make you want to barf when there in excess). Orange, this one is rarely used, but when it is its for people you want to stand out, and for seasonal. And if your really pushing it to the limit, food. Black generally means Dark, Evil (expected), mystery, and power. Notice the lack of Death on that list. That is because none other then the color of Innocence, White, symbolizes Death.

To give you an example of when White symbolizes Death, the 1960ís version of Romeo and Juliet (Zimmerman?). At the party scene she was in white, partly to stand out, and partly because it was foreshadowing. Also in the Leonardo Dicaprio version of it, when Juliet is on the bier she is in a white gown.

Well thatís enough on colors for now. Mainly because thatís the extent of my notes.