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One Act Play Competiton, Part 2

I've been fighting my urge to make a big deal about this, and I've tried to be patient. But these people are PISSING ME OFF.

Whew. Felt good to yell that. But I'm sure you'd like to know what I'm talking about. In febuary I wrote a post (actually its 2 posts) about my School and what happened in the One Act competition. And I'm sick of recieving not only comments that offend me, but emails that insult me and have no real purpose.

The comments that I have left in the post are all the A) Cleaner ones, or B) The ones I took the insults out of. A couple had no purpose beyond insulting me and my friends. But I would like to share all the comments, right here, right now on my main page. And I would like to ask for some help. I want to have my site google bombed so that when ever someone googles EC Glass, they recieve either my blog, or my post titled "God is a tomatoe, and Satan is a Pickle"

So I'd like to share the comments left on my post with you.

I'd like to start with our lovely king, Pixy Misa's initial comment of

Boo! Boo to the pickles!
Which was followed by Victors sympathetic words of:
I'm sorry to hear that. So close...
and Justthisguy's humorous
I must have an evil mind. The first thing I thought of when I read that was my favorite bad movie, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes."
Now we must enter into the batch of comments that required editing, oh and as a side note, none of these people had the balls to leave a valid email. So first I'd like to present the origional non-blogger reply:
I am from EC Glass High School. I am sorry that you feel that way about our school. An NYU playwright gave our school rights to the show... we are the first people to use it outside of NYU in the world. The show will be on Broadway soon, but Glass got to use it before they did. "God is a Tomato" is one of the songs. At least my school had the talent to do a musical. Also, we have no control over whether or not paint is chipping on the walls. Next time a school opens their doors so you can perform your play, I'd say that you need to be a little more thankful and appreciative. Also, about your religion in public schools comment: theatre is optional. No one was forced to sing about God, it was their choice. The show itself wasn't preachy or anything; it covered almost every religion on the Earth in its thirty minute run. It wasn't forcing anyone to go out and be saved, it wasn't forcing anything. What was the play that you all did anyway?
That one didn't require editing, but it kind of miffs me that the person didn't even read any of my other posts to find out what play we did.

Next one explains a few things about the show, but I'm sorry dude, maybe if I saw the whole show I'd get what your talking about, but from what I saw, your wrong. Sorry dude.

PS it was sung the entire time with short dialogue because it was a musical revue.

And just cause its a musical revue doesn't mean it can't have a plot!!

Ah yes, this person is a favorite of mine, wish I could meet them, and I'm not being sarcastic! The person scores major points because A) They actually left a valid email address and B) agree with me. ^^

Hi- I was in the school the came in 4th place at the regional competition (and, since we're in the same district as EC Glass, we were "lucky" enough to see them at districts as well). Unfortunately, the writer of this article is not exaggerating. Although the premise of the play seemed interesting enough, the cast could not pull it off. The acting was fine, but in a musical, the judging should be on technical merit, not just that they are singing and it's a plus if they can sing well... which generally, was not the case. "God is a Tomato" was a cute number and performed quite well... unfortunately, this cannot be said for a vast many of the other numbers in the play. At our district competition, it was generally agreed by everyone except EC Glass (and apparently the judges) that we and the school that placed 3rd were much better than "God Lives in Glass"... unfortunately, EC Glass hosting both competitions and a convenient amount of judges being from the Lynchburg area did not help this. In both instances, no one cheered for EC Glass except themselves... whereas other schools that placed were cheered by everyone... kind of tells you something, doesn't it?

And this is the newest comment, I found it just today actually.

I'm sad to hear that your theatre sucks compared to E.C. Glass, who went to Scotland to perform A Chorus Line at the Fringe Festival. Oh yeah, learn how to stage manage, you couldn't handle an event quite like Glass did.
The person signed their name as Tech and didn't leave a valid email. I personally think the person can go stick their head in a bucket of horse dung. But I'm not mad. Honest.

So there we go. Thats the wonderful, glorious, clean-enough-to-allow, responses to my earlier post. So, as I said before. I want to googlebomb my site. I want either this post, or my earlier post to be the number one result when searching for EC Glass.

Am I bitter? Hell ya.


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Hey, I was there for those of you who don't know(or care). Mookie has been keeping me updated on all of the posts she's recieved from people. Frankly it bugs me that their school has no class what-so-ever. I mean, really. If your gonna read an article that is quite opinionative that was written about your school at least have tact enough to defend your school, not give random insults or statements that are comepletely unneccessary.(spelling?) So there you have my input. Peace.


Please understand that these comments DO NOT reflect the feeling of the entire school. As a member of the Technical Staff at E.C. Glass High School, not a technican for God Lives, I do not feel that I can comment on the merits of any shows at the competition. I would like to say that the E.C. Glass Technical Staff acted professionally as possible with the other crews form all schools, and I do not appreciate the comments that my school has no class. This event was a last minute managment problem and we pulled together to staff it while we staffed two other shows not including God Lives. Please remember that when you insult E.C. Glass you insult the technicians that did everything we could to help every show at the competition.