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Just another work day

Heres a funny phone conversation I had, completely true too. I changed the name of the doctor and didn't include the patients. Hence the * and the name Dr. Random. She's in bold.

"Hello I'm calling from Dr. Random's* office to comfirm your appointment for tomorrow at 5:45."

"I don't have an apointment!"

"Ma'am according to our books you do. Its for 5:45 and I'm calling to comfrim it and to offer you an earlier apointment. We have openings at 10 and 1:15 that we would be glad to offer you"

"I told you, I don't have an appointment"

"Ma'am, according to my book you do. Would you like to reschedule or cancell?"

"Look here! I was told I wouldn't need another doctors visit till after the results of my colonoscopy came back!!!!!"

-stunned silence-

"Um... ma'am... I'm calling from the eye doctor's office."

-stunned silence-

"Oh... I forgot my husband made those appointments."


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LOL.. hilarious.. even the spouse-unit laughed when i read it to him.. :o)


I had a similar conversation, but it was to do with two seperate dates I had arranged. I was single at the time so it wasn't as if I was cheating on anyone, but it was a tad embarassing when I mistook one voice for another.


You made that all up, didntcha? Well, not really, truth is often stranger than fiction. But having the other medical specialty involved, well, Ha ha Ha ha Ha Ha!


I didn't know they did colonoscopies through your eyes. Cool.