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Medical Billing

Does anyone know whats required? Do you need certification? Training? How much does it cost? Can it be done via internet/corespondence? Do courses need to be taken at a local college? Do college's offer courses on it? Whats a non-scam company/organization I can get trained from?

I need some information, so... if anyone's ever done medical billing or knows someone that has, leave a comment or email me (mookie_riffic -at- yahoo-dot-com) please. I want to get trained/whatever. Any help is appreciated.


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Let's see: yes. not that i'm aware of, but i'm sure it helps get into some of the larger hospitals or HMOs. yet. approx $700 and up. yes. no. yes. uhh.. there's a few.

i've been looking into this too recently. there's a few distance learning spots, either telecourse, or online courses. i'd highly suggest going with a local community college if you're trying this route, as the cost might be more reasonable than a private training company, as well as being less likely a scam. the downside with community colleges is getting into classes as a new student, especially online.

Here's something i bookmarked a long time ago: http://xrl.us/cuxv

Here's a random google listing from a CC offering the course: http://xrl.us/cuxw

and here's a canned google search for it.. just add your city and state location to the query and re-search. http://xrl.us/cuxx


Look up Alfred State in NY(acredited college) in google--totally online college courses. Will train you in more than just billing so your job prospects are much greater.
This is an excellent program!


My husband, Frinklin of Frinklin Speaks is a medical biller, although he isn't certified. We've been discussing the pros and cons of getting certified and possibly opening his own medical billing office somewhere down the line...he might be able to answer some of your questions.