April 15, 2005

Governer's School

*Does Happy Dance*

And guess whose 1 of 200 to make it!!!!!

*Dances some more and chants "I'm smart, I'm smart, I'm smart. I got in. I got in. I got in!!"*

April 05, 2005


So here's the poem, me and my partner are supposed to be finding out what other people are saying about the poem and their analyasiss. Problem is, there are none to be found. So, read, analyze, and comment:

By Wislawa Szmborska

Nothing has changed.
The body is susceptible to pain,
it must eat and breathe air and sleep,
it has thin skin and blood right underneath,
an adequate stock of teeth and nails,
its bones are breakable, its joints are stretchable.
In tortures all this is taken into account.

Nothing has changed.
The body shudders as it shuddered
before the founding of Rome and after,
in the twentieth century before and after Christ.
Tortures are as they were, it's just the earth that's grown smaller,
and whatever happens seems right on the other side of the wall.

Nothing has changed. It's just that there are more people,
besides the old offenses new ones have appeared,
real, imaginary, temporary, and none,
but the howl with which the body responds to them,
was, is and ever will be a howl of innocence
according to the time-honored scale and tonality.

Nothing has changed. Maybe just the manners, ceremonies, dances.
Yet the movement of the hands in protecting the head is the same.
The body writhes, jerks and tries to pull away,
its legs give out, it falls, the knees fly up,
it turns blue, swells, salivates and bleeds.

Nothing has changed. Except for the course of boundaries,
the line of forests, coasts, deserts and glaciers.
Amid these landscapes traipses the soul,
disappears, comes back, draws nearer, moves away,
alien to itself, elusive, at times certain, at others uncertain of its own existence,
while the body is and is and is
and has no place of its own.

Thakn you

March 03, 2005

Laying Brick

Teacher: Rachael, what are you doing?
Rachael: Trying to get this mortor joint to fill.
Teacher: You don't have to slap it with the trowel so hard
Rachael: But its annoying me, it wont do as I say
Teacher: Its got feelings to you know.
Rachael: Oh, I know, I'm just choosing not to respect them until it lays properly.
Teacher: So if Will annoys you, will you beat him too?
Rachael: Nah, he's actually useful.... But I could if I wanted to... I have his parent's permission..
Will: he sighs...Its true... she does.

February 26, 2005

Snow days and Scheduling Classes

In a perfect world I would have Scheduled my classes either yesterday, or Thursday, but seeing as we had two snow days it was not to be.

As for what classes I'm taking? I still don't know. The poll says that my classes should be as follows (The *ed once picked by the poll):

-IB English

-IB history

-IB physics

-IB math studies


-Architecture drawing

-Engineering Drawing* or IB Theater Arts* (Its a tie)
But theres a slight problem, which I guess makes the tie obsolete.. They aren’t offering IB Theater Arts, only IB Acting 2. And once again (as teachers seem to love doing) I've been demanded to take IB Acting 2 by a teacher. So, I guess that I'm gonna be taking Sociology, Architecture Drawing, and IB Acting 2, with Engineering Drawing and Psychology as my back ups.

I hate choosing classes.

February 23, 2005

Tech Drawing

The teacher is gone, I'm done with all 20-some-odd drawings, and the school has banned So what do I do? Write a post. Hehe.

My english teacher lent me both versions of the Phantom of the Opera books, and Dracula 2000! Why the movie? Cause its got Gerard Butler in it. ^^ She said that after I watch we have to discuss it, but I think thats just her way of making it semi-educational even though I'm just watching it because Gerard Butler is hott.

I'm really hyper spastic today, and tonight I'm going to enter not one, not two, but three recipees into the Carnival that dad is hostin'. One that I actually make, one from the anarchist cookbook, and one from my english book Like Water for Chocolate. Yay for me.

The school sucks, they blocked, ebaumsworld, and albinoblack sheep (I'll add the hyperlinks later), but luckily I found the End Of The World flash at Hehe. Go me!

February 08, 2005

History Teachers

History isn't my favorite subject, mainly because I haven't had really good teachers. I've had decent ones but few good ones, I think the downhill trend started in 7th grade.

For 7th grade I had a man named Mr. T. And for some inexplicable reason (mainly the alphabet... damn concept that) I was always stuck sitting next to a kid named Nick. Now Mr. T. had a bad temper at times, and it was understandable sometimes, I mean come on, the guy had been teaching at the school for 5 years and they made him move out into the trailers, I'd be mad too (and was when ever there was snow on the ground), and Nick wasn't what you would call a "good student". In fact he was often called a horror. The importance of Nick is simple, A) he sat next to me in class, B) this was the kid that lit an overhead projector on fire (but that’s another story), and then once he switched schools lit a dumpster on fire. And Mr. T. hate Nick like he hated none else. I swear, at least once a month I had to duck because a trash can was getting kicked at Nicks head, and like normal, Mr. T. had bad aim.

The next year I had a teacher full of paradoxes. He was a Frenchman named Mr. German who served in the U.S. Marines... tell me how that works out? Well to be frank, Mr. German was just plain boring! Everyday was the same thing, walk in, do a worksheet, read a section in the book, take a quiz, leave. With a minor change on Friday when we would have a chapter test. Ugh, not fun.

Freshman year, 1st block, history. Immediately I knew I was in for it, just by the previous two years track record. I knew I should have switched teachers when I had the chance. Mr. P is quite psycho, and not in a good way either. He also didn't approve of my friends and made it quite clear that he didn't like me. I spent 90% of the year dodging poker chips flung at my head (His form of participation points) and enduring comments and him implying that I was an Atheist and an Anarchist. Every time either one of those topics would come up he would say "Now, Ms. [Insert my last name here], Atheism is when a person doesn't believe in God." You could hear him pronounce the capital G on the word, one of my friends that saw him at church onetime said he was a serious bible thumper and holly roller (not that that’s bad, just not around me.. it makes me antsy). So Mr. P thought I was Atheist, Anarchist, hated my friends, and there was one more piece of damning evidence about me in his eyes...

I was a drama kid.

I don't know why, but Mr. P dislikes all drama kids. Maybe its because of the rivalry between drama and Model UN (which he sponsors), or maybe he just didn't get a lead part or something when he was a kid. I don't know, I avoid him still.

10th grade was Government and as the teacher soon found out, I have no tolerance for stupidity and have nothing against calling the National Front leader in France a "Quack Pot".

So that brings me to the current year. And for American History I have a teacher from Nicaragua named Mr. Q, who also was a marine. Now Mr. Q is a political scientist and not all that great on History, he got pushed into teaching the class because he was the only teacher the IB program considered qualified (AHH! I HATE YOU IB!), and Mr. Q doesn't agree with them. In part because of all the stuff I do (as in drama stuff and IB/AP) I've stopped being a "teachers pet" in 9th grade and will (politely-usually) speak my mind about anything because I don't have the patience for subtleties usually. As such Mr. Q and I are constantly messin' with each other. For example, one day he was talking about Reconcentration Camps in Cuba during the Spanish-American War, and he was explaining how a teacher could recommend which students went to the camps. And he said "Now... Mr. W, he's good.. he should be a military officer! But Ms. [Insert my last name here], she needs to go to a ReEducational camp to learn to be a proper peasant woman! And so does Mr. L here". I looked up at him, and in the middle of class said "Oh great, so not only do I get to go to a hell whole to learn to be "Proper" but I get to go with James? Thanks Mr. Q." The whole class started cracking up. That was one of my favorite comments. Lately Mr. Q has been raggin' on me a lot more then normal, and I have 2 theories to explain this: A) He's been talking to the aforementioned Mr. P (whom Mr. Q worships, complete with Poker chip usage and all) or B) He's decided that he's going to give as good as he gets (which is quite a bit since I'm fairly merciless-mwah).

I don't like History or Poker Chips, but i'm going to have fun messing with Mr. Q for a while yet.

February 02, 2005

Grades, Midterms, and insanity

Last week was midterms, and for once I actually did as well as I thought I did. But alas there are some funny bits. But first, here's what I took and my grades so that you can properly enjoy the following bit:

Key: 2nd marking period/midterm grade/ semester grade.

AP Stats: B+ / B+ / A
Construction Tech: A / B / A
IB English 1 (HL): B / C+ / B
Tech Drawing (CAD): A / A / A
PIB Physics: A / A / A
IB History: * / A / *

Now for the funny parts:
In stats there was a 16 point curve and I have the third highest score.

In Construction there is a 30% passing rate, and I have the highest average. Most of the guys were happy if they had a 65. I'm annoyed with myself for blowing through the midterm so fast, I missed a bunch of stupid stuff.

I didn't even finish the history exam, and I still did better then most of the other kids. It was a Document-Bassed-Question (DBQ) exam, and each was rated as mark 1, mark 2, mark 3, or mark 4. The mark 4's being worth the most points. Yeah, well I left two of the mark 4 questions unanswered.

Exams make me giggle sometimes.... But only when I'm doing good.

September 09, 2004

Not as easy as I though...

Well its not as easy as I thought to get my homework done, have a social life, and blog.

So far (on the 3rd day of school) I'm averaging 4 hours of homework a day. Yikes! Granted I could probably cut that time to 3 or even 2.5 if I stoped talking online-heh, but that would be no fun!

Besides, I've made it a rule that I do at least half of my homework with the computer out of reach (aka, I put my keyboard out of reach, I put up an away message, or I go into another room). So it's not all bad. But not much time to blog! *tear*

September 06, 2004

Dead ManGirl Walking

Today is the last day of summer break.

Tomorrow the chaos comes back. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

June 12, 2004

Grad Parties and Term Papers

Are gonna keep me busy for the weekend. Sorry.

I got one of the term papers done (it was 24 pages!!!) though! Only 2 more to go!

June 10, 2004

Egyptian Judicial Branch

What exactly does it do? How are judges appointed? How long our their terms?

June 06, 2004

I got too much school work to blog

The teachers are swamping me. Between last minute projects, projects that are the exams, chem labs, and essays to write I just have too much to do.

Sorry. I'll post as often as I can. Normal blogging will resume on the 18th (thats when schools over).

June 02, 2004


Out of 7 classes I have 6 A's.

In fact I've never had a better GPA because on our four point grading scale, one of the classes is weighted. So my A is actually worth 5 instead of four.

The 7th grade is in math... I got a C.

My unweighed GPA is 3.71

My weighed GPA is 3.86

For some reason when I show most people my report card all they concentrate on is the C... *Sighs*

May 26, 2004

School Day bordom

So here I am, I got 20 minutes until the final bell, I got 50 minutes till I get home, then once I get home I have 2 and half hours until dinner, I have 2 hours of required reading/annotating, 3 hours of fun reading, math homework, chem homework, gotta pick a song for drama (suggestions are being taken), got to shower, got to feed the dogs... I got a lot to do. *sighs* Too much to do. Its not really that much, but I wasn't counting the time I should spend doing projects. I should also do a few posts for FYF and work on the template... ah things to do.

May 20, 2004


Do mean Sh*t Out of Luck. But they also have an alternative meaning in Virginia Schools- the Standards Of Learning.

Its the test that everyone hates and dreads, but secretly love. You see, if you pass an SOL, you don't take the final. If you pass advanced on an SOL you get an automatic 100 on the final.

Kewl huh? Yeah, as long as they don't take away that priviledge. Which is exactly what the school wants to do. Can you say "FIE EVIL ONES. FIE!"

And to make matters worse all the SOL's will be computerized by 2006. Do you know how psyco that is? So far the math and science are computerized... it took an hour, a whole HOUR to even start the tests because the servers on both the state and region level couldn't handle the strain. Why? Because the state mandates SOLs to be taken at certain dates and times.

ARG!!! Why must they torment us so?

On the plus side SOLs are so easy your an idiot if you fail. The only way to fail them most of the time is to just pick C for every answer... and actually sometimes you can pass by doing just that.

May 18, 2004

Typical Cancer Crap

So sitting in health class I had to fill in a chart about diseases. And several were different cancers... everything from prosterate cancer to breast cancer to "Cancer of the Testes" and cervical cancer. Fun right? No.

So the things to fill out were Type, Name, Symptons, Age Range, and Treatment. After the first 2 cancers, with the same general answer of "Surgery, Radiation, Kemo" blah blah blah. I filled in the rest with "Typical Cancer Crap."

I wonder if my teacher will even notice; for some reason I doubt that he will.

March 07, 2004

The Wonderful "F' Word

The F word has many uses. And here are some. (I think I heard George Carlin once do this)

March 03, 2004

Oil In Russia

Yes thats rights, Its that time of the month again. Time for my Government Project. And as is norm, any and all link would be mucho appreciated. The topic is Oil in Russia (hence the title).


(No I can't spell, in english or spanish-thats why I failed espanol)

March 02, 2004

Red Markers

My math teacher is careless when he chooses his markers. At school we have dry erase boards instead of chalk boards now, so the teachers are taking full advantage of their new freedom in colors.

I Hate Red Markers.

Mainly because they hurt my eyes. And after I mention it to each teacher, they stop using them. Except for Mr. J. my math teacher. So I solved the problem myself.

One morning, about 3 weeks ago I snuck into my math class really early and took all the red and orange markers. I then took a roll of scotch tape and taped them into a bundle. I placed the bunndle on Mr. J's desk and signed it as "Rachael".

The bunndle sat on the desk for 2 weeks. And then Mr. J. got a new pack of markers. And he used the red. Needless to say the next day the bunndle grew by 3. He still hasn't moved the bunndle. Tomorow he's due for another pack of markers. Joy.

February 26, 2004

Block of Cheese

So here I was doing a stupid worksheet in Government for Presidents day. The worksheet was simple, match a President with a really weird clue. One of the clues was "Had an Ignorgal party and trashed the White House". Well of course no one figured it out. So one of the other kids started bugging the teacher about it, and and she gave more clues about. One of which was "Had A Giant Block Of Cheese".

Boy Howdy, that got my brain working enough that I shouted really loud "ANDREW JACKSON" and promptly sunk in my seat and sat on the floor. The teacher was rightly wierded out that that was the clue that clicked and asked me how I knew that. I mumbled "West Wing" and at this point everyone was still staring at me. I must have been beet red at this point. And I had to explain all about Leo's "Crack Pot Days".

*Sighs* And people say I don't watch enough TV. They should tell me that I don't watch enough good TV.

The Principal is a Cross Dresser

Ain't it great? I'm serious too, the principal is a cross dresser. He admited it. So heres the story as I remember it.

When he was in college he was, to put it plainly, an idiot. And he joined a frat house that had themed parties ever other week or so. You know, things like Toga, or Costume. His frat had a party called "Opposite Gender" and his date wore a tux, so he wore a wedding gown. He even had make up, and had pictures taken (their funny).
He said it was only the once, but one must wonder...

January 12, 2004

*Dramatic Sigh* Oh why oh why must they torture us so...

Why must every teacher give out exam review packets on the same day, AND insist that their exam should take precedence over all others? Is it all a conspiracy? Because it sure seems that way.

Also, today in English I was so pissed. Me and another kid, Jason, always play cards after we finish our work, the teacher doesn't mind, she'd rather us do that then be a nuisance. So it got to be a habit. Today we had a substitute, so when we finished our work, I pulled out the cards because it was my week to supply them, and I started dealing for Rummy. The Sub Went OFF! She yelled at us non-stop for 5 minutes about why we weren't allowed. We couldn't even get a work in edge wise. Oh I was seething, but I bit my tongue. You should be proud of me.

January 09, 2004

Killer Wink

Back in September, I wrote a post with the same name, about a game we played in class. We played it again. And I freaked one kid out by every time I died, it was just after I shook his hand. He was freaking out majorly. Good.

Literary devices

Say that to a normal kid, and you'll hear screams and protests for the next hour.

Then you have me. He he. When I was writing my two posts on Blogs, here and here, I kept banging my head against the desk for two reasons. First because I wasn't making the sentences Parallel (for example), and they would sound better if they were. And then I banged my head for actually noticing and caring about that.

*grumbles* I know exactly who to blame for this... Bet you thought I'd say my English teacher. But I wont. I just blame the superintendent. Dr. Kelly. I'm going all the way to the top.

Not to mention I'm still mad at Dr. Kelly for making me spill paint all over a finished set piece last year. *Dramatic Sigh*

November 25, 2003


So remember that Government project I hadn't recieved yet? Well I have it now.

The assignment is simple, me and my two group members need to make a brocher. The topic? "U.S. Versus France: 20th century realtions-LoveHate"

Oh joy. The only reason we picked this topic is so that we could make fun of the France and show a segment of Monty Python. Hehehe. But yeah, as is the norm. If you have any links to help me-wether they be other blogs or not-leave in the comments or email them too me at mookie_riffic -at-

Also for that math project I mentioned, I did do it the summer before 8th grade year. Joy.

November 24, 2003

Massive Waste Of Time.

Today at school, was none other then one massive waste of time. Seriously, It was. In math, the teacher stood in the front of the class room, talking to a kid in the back of the class room for most of the class. And they wern't talking about math- that would be too much to expect. They were discussing FOOTBALL!! I mean come on people. Some sense!

Then it was time for Speech and Drama. Now bear in mind, I actually like this course. But today I could have cried I was so bored. Why? Because we honestly didn't do ANYTHING.

Chem was the normal walk in->sit down->do a worksheet-> talk and remaing non-productive->get up->walk out.

And Health was typical health class. A waste on Intelect.

school sucks

November 02, 2003

School stuff.

So its the end of the first quarter. And I'm doing pretty good in school. Hence the following grades:

Pre-IB Alg II- 90= B+
PIB AP Government- 86= B
Speach and Drama- 94= A
PIB English 10- 93= A
Pre-IB Chem I- 91= B+
Theatre Production- 90= B+
Gym- 97= A

I'm really happy with those grades. But yeah, they could still use some work. Therefore I have created a list of goals.

1) I'll actually do my Math homework.
2) I'll pay attention in Government class and I wont forget my worksheets.
3) I'll stop pissing off the preps in English class.
5) I'll ask Bonnie to help me with my chemistry homework, even if that means a couple more scars.
6) I'll smack Ryan and tell him not to tease me because I actually notes in theater production.
7) I'll actually try and run a whole mile, this quarter, for Gym class (like that will actually happen)
8) I'll stop doing my homework in bright pink pen.
9) I'll learn how to count.

Now if I'll go through with any of that has yet to be seen.

October 18, 2003

School paper...I got a 90

Sabrina is a very funny love story staring Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. It is the story of the Chauffeur’s daughter that leaves for Paris, and what happens when she gets back. In the movie there are several distinct ways that colors are used, to indicate people, and moods.

There are several groups of people, and individuals, in Sabrina that have distinctive colors assigned to them. One such person is Maude, the matriarch of the Larrabee family. Maude is consistently shown in dark blue and purple clothes during the first portion of the movie. You can also notice a bit of gold worked into her wardrobe. After Maude finds out what Linus decides to do with Sabrina, she wears red. Even though her color changes, it is consistently a bold color. Maude is always wearing something that makes her stand out. Another character where this is evident in is David, David is carefree since he lives off his brother and mother, and so he often has blue on, either because he is wearing Jeans or a t-shirt.

In the very beginning of the movie, there is a scene that shows Sabrina’s bedroom. Her room is very pink, this indicates that she is very childish, and it foreshadows that she is going to grow up a lot later on. In addition, when Sabrina is walking through the Larrabee mansion, all the wood is dark and very classy. As if the owners had no limit to their budget. The dark wood made the viewer feel that they were in a very rich home, and that everything was calm, almost as if nothing bad could happen.

Through out the course of Sabrina, colors influence moods and how the viewer reacts to certain things. The usage of colors is very subtle and wisely used.

School assignment...

The First Modern Chancellor; A Parody

Setting: Elizabeth I court
Elizabeth I
Sir Walter Mildmay

Narrator: Welcome friends to the court of our good queen Elizabeth the First…

(Elizabeth is reading a piece of paper)

Elizabeth: There’s a mistake here.

NR: What kind of mistake your majesty?

EZ: What is the year?

NR: Year of our lord 1566.

EZ: These dates are wrong! It’s been over 500 years since Y1K and you people still have problems getting the date right!

NR: I will have that corrected immediately your majesty.

(SW walks on stage)

Sir Walter: I’ve come as commanded your majesty.

EZ: Who commanded?

NR: You asked for a distinguished gentleman who owes your honorable family greatly due to being knighted during your dynasty.

EZ: Ah, Sir Walter Mildmay! Good to see you, you were always my brothers favorite Snobbish friend. Therefore you will do nicely for this task.


NR: Aloof, Snobby, uppity, snooty, Haughty, arrogant, egotistical, insolent…

(SW looks at Narrator as if she was crazy)

SW: Okay! We get the Idea! And watch what you say Mr. Oh-So-Fancy-Pants-Narrator for I have more power then you ever will!

EZ: Enough! I have a royal edict for you, and you will show me the proper respect!

(Turns toward EZ and kneels with head bowed. NR sticks her tongue out at SW)

EZ: Sir Walter, by my command you shall become Chancellor of the Exchequer--

SW (interrupting): I prefer chess.

EZ: Quiet! (To NR) Explain the Exchequer to him.

NR: Sir Walter you will fill the role of Chancellor of the Exchequer, and your duties will include budgeting the National and Royal Treasuries, and be head of the Bank Of England—


EZ: No you fool! Be in CHARGE of the Bank of England! The Job is yours for life; hope that you have a long employment.

SW: As you command your majesty, though I must admit that I feared my life had come to an end.

EZ: Oh it has, or as you know it. Wally, do you realize just how much red tape there is to go through to appoint a new Chancellor?

SW: Please, your majesty, if you could call me Walter, I would greatly appreciate it.

EZ: Well that’s just too bad. For I am the queen and I can call you anything I please, WAAALLLYY.

SW: My queen? If I could be frank, my knee is killing me, so if I could rise…

EZ: No you cannot! But you can lie down for a few. No, better not, you better just remain how you are, it’s for the best, and after all we don’t want the Media to run us through a meat grinder again… And when did your name become Frank? (Narrator speaks up)

NR: Her Maj.! Can you please hurry this along? These people are getting bored!

EZ: (Dramatic sigh) Fine… Wally, I want you to be the first of the Modern Chancellors—

SW: I’m Hip!

EZ: Not that modern. What I envision is many changes in your office. And you will be the one to set the prime example.

SW: Oh I have big plans your majesty; you wont recognize the bank after I’m done with it.

EZ: Now you behave yourself Wally for you’re not too big to be taken over your mother’s knee!

SW: (obvious fear) No! I’m sorry my queen… Um... My mother isn’t here is she?

EZ: No, but I can get her here!
SW: (hangs head) Yes my queen…

EZ: Now, you will be the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Wally (snickers from NR- stops with a glare from SW). You enter my service as the Chancellor as of now, I expect you to behave in a manner befitting your position.

SW: Can I move into 11 Downing Street? (Hopeful)

NR: Yeah, in about 300 years.

SW: (to himself) many chancellors went on to become Prime Minister…

EZ: Whoa! I’m the boss here, me and only me. What’s this Prime Minister stuff here buck-o?

SW: This is a great honor your majesty.

NR: Got that right.
SW: I hope I will not disappoint you.

EZ: Ditto… Now tell me Wally, how much money do I have at my personal disposal?

SW: I would need some time to count the money your majesty, but rest assured I will tell you as soon as I find out.

EZ: Not good enough, I want to know NOW! Now tell me!

(SW looks like dear in headlights)

SW (stuttering): Ye-yess my queen. (Dramatically pretends to think-obviously making this up) You have approximately 50 Silver pieces in your personal account, and 10 in the National.

EZ: That much huh? Wow, that’s more then I suspected. Well then, lets start a war!! Who should we fight this time? We could fight the French again, that’s always fun. But not necessarily a true challenge, well that’s okay; I can think this over later, Narrator! Make sure you write that down.

NR: Yes’um. (Scribbles on paper)

EZ: Like the old saying goes, a queen and her money are soon parted. (Holler) SHOE SHOPPIN! (Exits)

NR: Sir Walter dutifully carried out the duties of Exchequer until he died in 1589.

(SW gulps upon hearing the year of his death and he can be seen counting on his fingers as he exits.)

NR: The beloved Narrator, who was loved by all, suffered a massive heart— (falls over dead)

September 06, 2003

Killer Wink

Such a wonderful game. Played it today in Drama class. Had fun. So heres what happened:

We were all standing around in the middle of the room playing “Get-To-Know-Random-People Games” when my teacher, Ms. Horn decides we will play Killer Wink. Now me being me, and a drama student from the Drama club, I had a feeling I would get picked. So we all closed our eyes. And for about a minute Ms. Horn walked around, until finally *dun-Dun-DUN* she pats my head-the signal that I had been chosen. We all open our eyes and walk around. Now as the “Killer” if I wink at someone they die. But heres the catch, when you encounter someone you have to shake hands and say “Hi, I’m blahblahblah” If I winked at them they had to shake hands with three more people before dropping dead. Now with me, I have the motor skills of a 3 year old and have yet to figure out how to wink or whistle, so I just would mouth the words “Your Dead”. It took 5 minutes and 3/4ths the class dead before anyone to figure out who the Killer was. It was so great.

Good thing I’m not a guy. With my lack of motor skills I wouldn’t be able to hit the side of a barn with my pee much less hit the urinal.

*Wink Wink* Your Dead


After 4 days of braving the vast jungle I have come to a conclusion…

School sucks.

No seriously. Or not. It’s not that bad. I mean I did manage to survive. But let me tell you, it was not easy! (Haha yeah right), I braved many atrocities (okay so I’m going overboard-sue me) including *creepy dun-dun-dun music* a English Paper, an Immigration test (which I failed and if I wasn’t born in the US I’d be screwed), a Chemistry exam, 2 giant packets of Factoring worksheets, and a “Speech” for my Speech and Drama class (wow, what a coincidence!).

But I have come back with many stories. *Deep voice-like God's is always portrayed* Read and you shall laugh!