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September 14, 2004

In Which I Say, Goodbye

I've decided that I'm going to give up blogging... maybe permanatly, maybe not. At the moment with school going on, my social life, and drama starting, I just don't have the time, or the energy to blog anymore. I've run out of ideas (not that they were ever that great to begin with-heh). Hopefully at somepoint I'll resurface. It probably wont be for at least 6 months, or it may be 6 years. And I don't even know if I'll come back as Mookie. I'm thinking that the Rachael is out growing the Mookie.

I'm hopefully not going to be disappearing, just.. not blogging. I intend to continue reading my friends in MuNuviana and elsewhere. And I will still haunt the MuNu portal (Cause ya know Pixy, that music you put up there, just flat out Rocks!!). So you can stop by and say hey on my little forum there, or you can email me at mookie_riffic -at- yahoo- dot- com.

So since I'm one of those people that like to wrap things up nice and neat, here are a few last notes and comments.

Pixy, I can't express my thanks enough for you allowing me to be a MuNuvian. It was great and I loved every second of it. You're awesome.

EC Glass Students/1 Act Play people, I appologize for my rather... scathing posts on the competition. It wasn't sportsmanship like of me. I hope you will accept my sincere appology. I would like to here from my previous commenters again, via email if they would like to talk. (Refrenced here, here, and here.)

Various people: Thanks for reading my stuff, I really appreciate it. Have fun, see ya around.

Also, I jsut wanted to make sure that everybody knows why I'm not blogging. Its partly the time and motivation necessary, which I don't have. But for the past couple months, I haven't really been enjoying blogging. Its been a bit of a chore for me. Maybe I just burned my self out to early by being overly zelous, but now, eh. I can go days at a time with out checking my blog.. mostly because I don't want to.

So...thats about it....

September 09, 2004

Not as easy as I though...

Well its not as easy as I thought to get my homework done, have a social life, and blog.

So far (on the 3rd day of school) I'm averaging 4 hours of homework a day. Yikes! Granted I could probably cut that time to 3 or even 2.5 if I stoped talking online-heh, but that would be no fun!

Besides, I've made it a rule that I do at least half of my homework with the computer out of reach (aka, I put my keyboard out of reach, I put up an away message, or I go into another room). So it's not all bad. But not much time to blog! *tear*

September 06, 2004

Dead ManGirl Walking

Today is the last day of summer break.

Tomorrow the chaos comes back. Be afraid. Be very afraid.