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Is a privacy agreement required by the national Government to be signed by all patients/clients of Doctor Offices, Hospitals, Pharmacys, and numerous other places.

HIPAA is a pain in my @$$.

Not because I don't think its a great idea. But because it forces me to do extra paperwork, which is just badness.

So if you haven't noticed I work in a Doctors office, an Eye Doctor to be percise. And that was where I was yesterday when Dad met Silverblue, Roxette Bunny, Tink, and PoloRandy. I was so mad when I found out I couldn't go because of work. Gah! Oh well. I'll just have to make them come up to woodbridge again... Or wait... If we go to States for the One Act (cross your fingers) I think its in the same general area. I'll find out tomorow.


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Cmon rach, hipaa isnt that bad, lol. Okay so yeah it is. HIPAA is probably the worst idea, excluding bush's idea to not pay as much towards medicare as people wanted, to happen to medical professions ever. be it for a few stitches or treatment of anal warts and raging herpes you have to flip the charts over, you cant ever discuss what medicines are being given with even your nurse friends, its retarded to say the least. Fortunately rach sometime next year we should be gettin some new type of patient protection system, which could be a blessing or a total fuck up (exscuse my language). So yeah, lets just hope they pass the legislation