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Networking-Mookie style.

My mom's (A) computer runs on ME.

Dad's computer (B) runs on ME.

Mine(C) is XP.

My sisters/extra (D) computer is on '95.

How do I get them to get along? D can read and gets along with A, B, and C. B and C get along. A hates everyone but D. A also has the printer and can acess files on B and C but B and C can't acess the printer or files on A. How do I fix it?


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Take off and nuke them from orbit.

Only way to be sure.


At the very least, you need to make sure that the printer on A is installed on those other machines - you'll need to address it by whatever IP you've assigned locally, or by a name that translates to same - and that file-sharing is turned on as needed.