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Toying with an idea..

Of getting some the DC/Northern VA/Maryland Bloggers together at some point. Or everyone.

While everyone would be nice, it could be pricey. Cause I don't imagine plane tickets from Hong Kong, or Australia, or Sweden would be very cheep. And thats what I'm all about. Cheapness.

I've already found out from Dad that when we go to visit my bro in Connecticut, we're going to visit Tunning Spork and StMack. Yea!

But I'm thinking of something kinda small, a few people, like me for instance. And Tink, Silverblue, PoloRandy, Roxette, Kevin, Nic, Victor... and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. Make it small like. Ya know?

And if I had a time frame, I'd say Spring Break would be a good time (Easter-ish) because thats when I don't have school. So yeah. If I'm not totaly insane, tell me, because I think its a good idea.


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We had a blogger get together in HK last year, and it was really interesting. Wouldn't want to do it every week, but it's interesting to meet some of these people face to face.