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July 24, 2004

I love my friends

Well this is gonna be a rather long and rambling story, but hopefully worth it. To me it was.

On July 4th I was approached by my best friends dad, she lives out-of-county, whom wanted my input and help for planning her suprise birthday party. Now you see, her birthday is in August, the 6th to be exact, and mine was on July 15th. I was all gun-ho, I wanted to help, I was ready to help... until I realized that I wouldn't be in town. So like a typical teenager I went into meloncoly and was feeling pretty crappy. I mean come on, my best friend was getting a suprise party, and I couldn't even find 2 friends that would be in town, much less free on my birthday. Alas, my birthday came around, I found a couple friends, we hung out, had fun, went to the mall, saw The Notebook (that movie actually made me cry) and all together I had a great day.

Well me and my friend Liz were like "Hum... lets go see another movie with Michelle on friday." So it was all planned out and I was excited, I mean I wanted to see Shrek 2, Spiderman 2, or Notebook (again). Didn't matter which one I saw to me.

So Liz picked me up, and we drove to pick up Michelle from her house, and when we got to Michelle's Liz honked the horn and got no response. So we got out of the car (I actually fell out, but thats cause I couldn't get the door to open... the pavement was hard!... but back to the point). We walked up to the front door and knocked and was all "Whoo-Hoo!". Finnially I just said "ah screw it" and looked in the glass of the door and saw Michelle on the couch talking with my friend Sami. Now an intelligent person would of been like "Hum... why's Sami here? I thought it was just gonna be the three of us..."... well needless to say I'm not intelligent, so I didn't think of that. Anywayz, I saw Michelle and Sami and went ahead and just opened the door...

And was promptly attacked with a 6 year old and a 3 year old with cans of Silly String, and many yells of "Happy Birthday!!"

It was so awesome!! ^.^ I didn't expect it at all. And it was so great, there were cute banners, and balloons (there was even a balloon with my name on it... and it was spelt right!!!!), and the whole nine yards. I was ecastic! They had thought of everything, there was food, cake, games, movies, balloons (with helium-hehe). And I also got Gecko stuff! Yay!

We never went to sleep. Me and Liz left Michelle's around 5:30, I got home around 6 and then ate cereal before taking a 2 hour nap. Heh. Thats the only sleep I've had in 30 some odd hours. Yay!

So the point of this ramble is... My friends are great, I love them to death, its gonna suck when they leave for college, and my room now has ballons/birthday-banners/cool-little-decorations taped to the wall. Yay!

*note to self* take pictures of wall and post one day.

July 09, 2004

The Answers are in!

I'm suffering from a serious case of the "summer-blahs" but I finially managed to gather the energy to post whether or not my 10 oddments were real. So there they are:

1) I've only ever had one referral in my life. I told a girl in the 5th grade to "Shut The Fuck Up"
True. The girl made it a game to see how pissed of she could make me, so one day I gave in to her taunting and vented my anger. After wards when I was told that I would have to spend a day in ISS with the assistant principal I found out that they assigned me to serve my time on a thursday. Thursdays were our half days in elementry school. I was under the impression that the assistant principal didn't like the girl either.
2) I have a scar on my elbow from where I fell off a neighbors porch. I tell everyone I got it in a fight.
True again. I claim the fight was when I was 8 and it was with my older neighbor, whom nobody liked, and that I beat her up worse then she did me.
3) Me and a friend once went to a guy's house that I have a crush on and stole a pair of his underwear from the porch.
They were green. He wore teal green underwear. Hehe. Actually its false. But I did do a scene from a play for a class project where that happened. The play it was pulled out of was called Midnight Run (I think), and it had 2 characters, a girly-girl who was terrified of getting in danger (Me) and a girl who was obssessed over a guy named Jason (my partner).
4) I got the lead role in the fall production of Sabrina this year.
As Victor pointed out, I'm a techie through and through, so this one is False.
5) I went on a road trip to Mall of America with my best friend (MaleVersion) last year.
Nope! False! Though I will admit its a bit of a trick question because in August I'm going to the Mall Of America with MV.
6) I habitually wear 3 watches. One set with the time in Germany, one set for some weird island in the Pacific, and one in the Eastern Timezone.
False. Only two, and they're set for the same time. I used to wear 3, all on the same time, but my English teacher is shrek-crazed, and she liked my watches (All three were shrek watches from a ceral box) so I gave her one.
7) I used to charge kids 5 bucks for me to write their name in Hieroglyphics.
True! I only managed to get cash from 4 kids though... They all figured out that they can look it up online for free.
8) I have my cell phone set so that if my ex-boyfriend calls it will play "What Do You Do With A Drunken Solider".
True! And when my best friend (Female Version) calls it plays the Mexican Hat Dance (Mainly cause that tune annoys her) and when MV calls it plays some cheesy tune that reminds me of a western horse-race-shoot-em-up-scene.
9) When my best friend logs onto AIM I have it set to play the "Duck-Job" sound clip.
True. Or at least it was when I wrote the statement. I recently took it off because I was getting tired of it. Now it just says Moo.
10) I earned the nickname 'Prude Shrew' for kicking a guy in the balls after he tried to kiss me 3 years ago.
True and False. I did get the nickname for refusing to kiss a guy, and I still insist that he kicked himself in the balls. Both incidents were on seperate occasions.

So... Because I know your dying to know, Who got the most answers right? Well heres the results:

Desert Rasberry: 70% Correct.

LeeAnn: 60% Correct.

Wind Rider: 60% Correct.

Victor: 80% Correct.

I gave everyone a free point because number 10 was both true and false. So Victor is the winner! Yay Victor!