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Cookie With Mookie: SnackPac Pie

This is a pie I love! I first had it on pi day (March 14th... get it? 3/14... 3.14 is pi!) at school. Its a very complex simple recipe. And any one can make if I can, I mean, I am a horrible cook (unless its eggs or one of those homestyle bakes)

-1 pre-made grahmcracker crust (though you can make your own if your ambitious)
-6 packs of SnackPac pudding (Some like all chocolate, some like half choco and half vanilla, it don't really matter what flavor)

1) Open the crust package up (can you tell I'm trying to make this look more important then it is?)
2) Open the SnackPac's and put them in crust (If your doing half vanilla and half chocolate, keep each flavor on different sides... if your ambitious try making ying-yangs or smiley faces)
3) Place in refrigerator for a few hours
4) Top with whip-creme and serve when desired.



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