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The Next Bill Has Been Found... May the Gods help us all..

And want to know how I know? Simple, only Bill and one other can write truly tactless and disgusting stuff. And for some reason they both like to discuss bodily functions and illnesses. Heres a sample of the next Bill

be it for a few stitches or treatment of anal warts and raging herpes you have to flip the charts over
For the full text of the passage, which was left as a comment, go here.

So now all Andy has to do to truly become a Mini-Bill is get off of the stupid LiveJournal server onto some place decent. Even Blog*Spot is better then Live Journal.


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why thank you rach, i except all responibilities as a mini bill in training, but yeah, i no good with html so i have to run out of livejournals servers... mainly because im to damned lazy to actually do something about my blog, maybe when i actually have a chance to sit down and write it out i will actually rent webspace and have my own http address, but for now live journal will do. oh and yeah, and sorry bout the anal warts comment i found it ammusing and true about HIPAA that no matter what it is you have to take all these precautionary steps, god forbid someone found out that Bob has to take a penicillin shot every few day because Suzy bit him, i mean cmon, the hting is just stupid


Dude. Blog*Spot is FREE and is idiot proof. But then again knowing you.... Just joking. Trust me, its idiot proof. No HTML necessary.


Hi, I noticed you were talking about a sexual health matter. If you'd like to submit your page to SH Directory, please do ;-) (http://www.shdir.com)