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Once again.. The school system proves it's stupidity.

A new letter is periodically sent home to all parents. The winter newsletter was classic. The opening message from the principal was about the renovations that the school is going through. Currently they are closing off all the class rooms (we used to have open-no doors or walls). And its still in the process. Here is the portion that makes me mad:

"...currently being renovated is the Language Arts Department. The students in those classes will be meeting in the 'luxury suites' situated on our front lawn until the first week in March.

I have been very impressed with the manner in which our students and staff have handled the renovation. They have adapted to life in the 'Luxury suites' and taken the challenges of a major renovation in stride."

Give me a break. The "LUXURY SUITES"? They're TRAILERS. Okay, we have Trailers on our front lawn. Not exactly Luxury. Whats worse is the "Taken it in stride" portion. If we were taking it in stride we wouldn't be calling ourselves Trailer Trash when ever we have to go outside. And might I remind you that its WINTER! Its COLD! There is nothing sweet about the trailers (pardon the pun), and certainly nothing Luxurious.

Gawd my school sucks.


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Luxury Suites.
Teacher humor, ugh.


Las' year I kooden spel tea-chair. Now I are one.

Teachers humour is not normal humour. You need to be slightly round the twist (or a teacher) to appreciate it. Maybe most teachers end up slightly round the twist from trying to understand teacher humour :-)