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Mookie asked me to blog, so here I am! I've spent the last few days wondering what to write here. My brain flitted from politics to religion to drugs to death, but none of them seemed quite right. I dumped them all out, and I'm here to blog about love. "What do YOU know about love??" you say. I'm a human being - we are machines built to give love, and therefore are natural experts from birth (some people just get out of practice).

Love is the sun on your back and the stars in the sky; a laugh in the dark or tears in the cinema. Love is a hug from your best friend, a puppy's tongue on your nose, and frost on your eyelashes in winter. Love is seeing your favorite band live or your favorite painting in the museum. Love is a fire in the hearth and a mug of cocoa in your hands; the spray of the sea and the sand under your toes. Love is seeing your family when the war has ended; a newborn child in your arms. Love is a hot sigh in your ear from behind; someone's fingers intertwined in yours. Love is a gun to the temple; a white wedding dress stained wine-red; the silence of your own room. Love is what being human is all about.


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" Love is a gun to the temple; a white wedding dress stained wine-red; "

It sounds like you took a wrong turn there from whereever you were going?


Nope - I meant to do that.