January 29, 2005


In stage crew there are these two girls, they are twins, and their names are Kathryn and Jessica. They arn't identical twins, and one of them is an actor, yet I always confuse them, even when only one is around. They're nice about it, mostly because I save them the trouble of making a big deal about it by doing it for them. They even said that their own dad confuses them... its a small comfort.

So a while back I needed to assign Jessica a project, and I stopped about 5 steps from her and thought to myself "Okay, its Jessica, just say 'Hey Jessica, can you do something for me' *repeated several times*" I stepped, stepped, stepped, reached Jessica and said "Hey Kath--Ssica!".

I told Jessica that she needs to write her name on her shirt so that I can tell... She pointed to the back of her shirt, and lo and behold, her name was on it.

I'll get it right one of these days... I just wont give Kathryn or Jessica any power tools in the mean time.