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April 15, 2005

Governer's School

*Does Happy Dance*

And guess whose 1 of 200 to make it!!!!!

*Dances some more and chants "I'm smart, I'm smart, I'm smart. I got in. I got in. I got in!!"*

April 14, 2005

April 14th

Happy Birthday Mom!

April 09, 2005

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The movie comes out April 29th, and I am so going to see it! If you click the link, watch trailer 3, its the best one.

Marvin is so the coolest.

April 08, 2005

Dog Days

April 06, 2005

Dog Days

April 05, 2005


So here's the poem, me and my partner are supposed to be finding out what other people are saying about the poem and their analyasiss. Problem is, there are none to be found. So, read, analyze, and comment:

By Wislawa Szmborska

Nothing has changed.
The body is susceptible to pain,
it must eat and breathe air and sleep,
it has thin skin and blood right underneath,
an adequate stock of teeth and nails,
its bones are breakable, its joints are stretchable.
In tortures all this is taken into account.

Nothing has changed.
The body shudders as it shuddered
before the founding of Rome and after,
in the twentieth century before and after Christ.
Tortures are as they were, it's just the earth that's grown smaller,
and whatever happens seems right on the other side of the wall.

Nothing has changed. It's just that there are more people,
besides the old offenses new ones have appeared,
real, imaginary, temporary, and none,
but the howl with which the body responds to them,
was, is and ever will be a howl of innocence
according to the time-honored scale and tonality.

Nothing has changed. Maybe just the manners, ceremonies, dances.
Yet the movement of the hands in protecting the head is the same.
The body writhes, jerks and tries to pull away,
its legs give out, it falls, the knees fly up,
it turns blue, swells, salivates and bleeds.

Nothing has changed. Except for the course of boundaries,
the line of forests, coasts, deserts and glaciers.
Amid these landscapes traipses the soul,
disappears, comes back, draws nearer, moves away,
alien to itself, elusive, at times certain, at others uncertain of its own existence,
while the body is and is and is
and has no place of its own.

Thakn you