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Mookie's Sister

I was bored today so Rachael is letting me type on here...hahaha. What shall I say?

Collins: My sister is not legal. Stay out of the bushes out side of her room. (or supposed bushes that don't exist). I wouldn't want to have to whip out a can of whoop ass on you. haha.

Dawn: Don't encourage the poor boy. I may be legal but...I have this strange policy see...against stalkers. haha. ;)

Hi Dad!

Victor: My sister is still in her antisocial stage right now. Even here with me, she mostly keeps to herself.

Rachael says I must sign with my name...which name shall I sign with????

The legal one?
The eldest Daughter of RJ?
or simply


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Just for clarification...That was not meant to be mean spirited, it was all in fun;)


Yeah, I gathered as much. When's Oklahoma!?


April 21, 22, and 23rd