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Bow Bite

So in PE I'm doing a unit on Archery. I find it facinating and actually want my own bow and arrows-but thats not the point.

Aparently sometimes the bowstring can hit your arm and give you a red welt or bruise, this is Bow Bite.

I didn't get Bow Bite on my arm. I managed to get it on my boob. You know what I did when that happened? I dropped the bow, glared at is, turned to my friend and said "Now I know why the Amazons cut of their left boob... I can't blame them one bit!"


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Here's some archery for ya. No worries about bows biting delicate areas either.


I used to be an archery instructor and we always wore a leather 'arm-guard' to help with bow-bite. Some lassies found themselves less prone to damage shooting the other way around (i.e. left handed instead of right handed). When you first start out the muscles are unused to the movement so it doesn't matter too much if you are left or right handed. Give the opposite way a try and see if that helps. I never understood why it worked but it did help about half of my female students.


Hey, found an arm guard picture here.


You might also want to check out this page - scroll down to "Chest Protector, Deluxe"