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I've been on a pretty good roll with a lot of good posts (in my opinion), but unfortunatly all things must come to an end. There is going to be no blogging for me tonight. Not with this horrible headache.

Sorry. I'll blog tomorow (if my head stops pounding).

~M 0.o Kie~


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Good luck with the headache. Hope it is over quickly.


hope your headache gets better... found a blog froma canadian guy named paul... its called www.bluntobjects.com , it is pretty much a blog still, yet he does allow others to make up posts, but its a neat one, check it out, youll laugh... lol


Sorry 'bout the throbbin' in the noggin. Take a few Advil and drink lotsa water. (Lotsa headaches are caused by dehydration..ask any drunk!)